Month: March 2014

New recording studio. New project.

Many of you have been following my journey for a while. You all saw me transition from a grieving mother to an artist then from an artist to a record label director and then from there to a music business specialist to see me model everywhere and eventually going back

Welcome back to me and thank you for being patient. Let’s Recap!!

Hey guys thank you so much for being here with me all the way. I am happy to say that I am back to my website! I love the way it looks and the way i feel posting through it now. Happy new year!! I will take that opportunity to

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Messages I like.

BTS: photo shoot in London

BTS: photo shoot in London

Dear readers, in all honesty, this must be my favorite photo shoot!! There are many photos from other shoots that I have done that can be seen in both Gallery and Photo shoot & BTS on this website. They are my favourit pictures because they are sinple yet beautiful to

‘Mekhi Turner Talks’ – @iam_MekhiTurner brings in April Daniels for her birthday ft. Tambu and supporters.

This past Sunday was Aprils Daniels‘ birthday and young entrepreneur Mekhi Turner brought the reality star to the radio and invited supporters to wish the beautiful woman a happy birthday. Myself with other supporters of the hit TV series Tamar and Vince where April featured, called in to wish the humble sweet hearted Mrs. Daniels a beautiful

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Press release: R’n’B Singer, Tambu-Christel, Steals the 2013 Spotlight with New Music.

R’n’B Singer, Tambu-Christel, Steals the 2013 Spotlight with New Music. Also encompassing marriage, a new clothing line and hot attention from the media, this year is set to be a booming success for one of the country’s hottest Rhythm & Blues stars. Contact: Tambu-Christel Pembele Email: For Immediate Release United Kingdom

eWorld Music Awards 2012 – nomination

I received yet another nomination for my single PREACH! Thank you all for your love this was my second musical nomination so far for the track! We can only rise some more from here on out!!

Hollywood Music in Media Awards 2011 – Nov. 17th

My first ever award nominations in music, the 2011 HMMAs!! I was nominated for Best RnB but I couldn’t attend for medical reasons but my spirit was with them all the way and I twitted like a crazy woman trying to catch up on what was going on! I am blessed

BTS: Photo shoot ready!!

Press: Why Tambu-Christel Pembele is Shaping Up to be a R’n’B’s Sensation.

Check out the article here on Premier Guide Media – US America made space for the article at, Money Watch CBS, Marketplace, Def Jam’s timeline in DAYLIFE watch here, Once again the singer and her label proudly appears in USA TODAY! Check the article here too The Music Tip!

Press: Tambu-Christel Pembele’s Music Career Get’s into the Fast Lane as She Heads to Los Angeles.

The article appeared on Hollywood Music in Media Awards Newswire, My Music Success, BMF Digital, Music Discovery Network, Pop Komm (Germany), UK Music,  Indie Extreme, Music Manager’s Forum (Canada), Music Matters (Asia) and many more.

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