BET Awards 2010

At the time this event was the most important for me so far. It turned my whole life and vision around. I decided to do a record label about a year prior which also turned into a management company all this because my son past away and I didn’t feel like living anymore therefore found something to focus all my energy into. However, never in a million years I would have thought that I would be sitting here about a year later with great opportunities such as attending amazing shows and meeting amazing people! I mean this was/is beyond me!! You know, when you dream of something and really want it to happen but kind of keep it might it might never actually happen? Well, for me it is now my job and life.

I got introduced to my make up artist to be Eliane at that time who is the person who took this picture shown below, she also does Lola Monroe aka Angel lola luv’s make up. At the time of that award show, my Strong Ones’ team got even bigger too! I mean I was only just 23 years old but I felt like I accomplished so much on my own then already.

Now I know I can only go up from now on and I am looking forward to the rest of my journey!

download (1)


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