My former debut single “Preach” is no longer on iTunes. Debut album is the making!

Hey my dear Strong Ones,

My former debut single “Preach” is no longer on iTunes. I am currently working on my debut album and that particular song will be re-done to my new standards. I would like to thank Universal Music Group and Def Jam for everything they did for that single. I would like to thank every organizations that nominated me for best RnB song and best Jazz song in 2011/2012. I can not close this post without thanking all the distributors that helps indie artists, we ain’t sh*t without y’all. We need you all services to conquer this major label dominated industry. I thank you for making it possible for myself and Daniel Strong Entertainment to be here today.

You all are very special to me because I have learnt so much about myself as a vocalist and I now know that I am more of a soul/blues singer in today’s industry than RnB. I thank you all for the amazing feedback you all had for me! Let’s get this debut album to number one? I hope so 🙂


MOBO Awards – October 19th 2013

I am writing this post today since I am in the mood to update my website with what’s going on in my life. This particular post is about the MOBOs last year.

I was heavily pregnant so I couldn’t go in the end but the reason why this was special to me is because I felt like the beginning of my “validation” was happening. I have been doing what I do for a minute now and it often feels like you work so much but nobody sees you. It isn’t about getting credits from other people but you actually want people to acknowledge your work, contribution, existence in the game no matter how big or small.

I have worked more in the US than the UK in terms of being connected to established public figures and it is somehow easier to make it in America even though it is in fact a bigger country so every time i do anything in England I kind of have that thing where I say to myself “Just do what you’ve gotta do and get the knowledge and qualifications you need. The rest will follow.” So when opportunities such as attending a person’s show or being invited to such organisation in the UK happens it just shows me that my work speaks for itself at the end of the day and people see my vision through the things I do and display and it feel very good.

All this to say that even though i couldn’t make it last year due to my pregnancy I am honored I even had the opportunity to. On that note, i see you this year! Thank you MOBOs!!


A proud student!

Hello dear Strong Ones,

I love studying. I mean, I looovveeee studying! I am currently studying to have my bachelor degree and I’m also enrolling to finish my studies in becoming an executive lawyer in the same establishment I currently study at.

Many would say things like “If you are doing so well in music why would you want to do more education? You don’t need it!” I am a strong believer that education is the way forward. I study business management and i don’t believe that you can be a great business person without fundamental knowledge. I do believe that some people are gifted in business. They may have great intuition and a good sense of direction. However, you still need to know about the key factors required to run a successful business and the only way to give it a slice chance is to give yourself the opportunity to learn about business if you wish for your business to rise, shine and reach its full potential.

Also, I have children and I want them to do well in life so by obtaining my masters and more if I carry on with my studies I hope that my children will feel inspired to do the same and follow what I tell them to do but also see that I have actually done what i tell them to do. In other words, doing what I am and will be preaching.

Last but not least, having these diplomas and other rewarding certificates will insure that you have a great job regardless of it all. If music never works the way I wish it to then i’m guaranteed a good job no matter where i go. So, studying will never be useless. The higher you go in education the more status and money you invest in yourself for your future job! Studying is never a loss.


Music Business: My passion and job since 2009!

I have been “in the game” since 2009 not as a musician though but as a director for my music firm.

Working as a music insider, a&r, chief executive and so on made me understand the music business and overall entertainment in general. This industry is in  fact “a game” that continuously play until you get to the place you want to be in professionally.

It was a passion that turned into a job which lead to me doing the things I do today. I will forever be thankful to my son for that because he gave me the reason to push that way. He is the reason I keep focus. Let’s see where this never ending work takes us!


Casino night with friends in Switzerland.

I am from Montreux, Switzerland where these pictures were taken. I posted these pictures on instagram a while ago and I like them so I am posting them again here. The Casino is by the lake 🙂 no matter what people ever tell you…Montreux is the most beautiful town in Switzerland!! ha!

Check the pictures below:

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