A proud student!

Hello dear Strong Ones,

I love studying. I mean, I looovveeee studying! I am currently studying to have my bachelor degree and I’m also enrolling to finish my studies in becoming an executive lawyer in the same establishment I currently study at.

Many would say things like “If you are doing so well in music why would you want to do more education? You don’t need it!” I am a strong believer that education is the way forward. I study business management and i don’t believe that you can be a great business person without fundamental knowledge. I do believe that some people are gifted in business. They may have great intuition and a good sense of direction. However, you still need to know about the key factors required to run a successful business and the only way to give it a slice chance is to give yourself the opportunity to learn about business if you wish for your business to rise, shine and reach its full potential.

Also, I have children and I want them to do well in life so by obtaining my masters and more if I carry on with my studies I hope that my children will feel inspired to do the same and follow what I tell them to do but also see that I have actually done what i tell them to do. In other words, doing what I am and will be preaching.

Last but not least, having these diplomas and other rewarding certificates will insure that you have a great job regardless of it all. If music never works the way I wish it to then i’m guaranteed a good job no matter where i go. So, studying will never be useless. The higher you go in education the more status and money you invest in yourself for your future job! Studying is never a loss.


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