MOBO Awards – October 19th 2013

I am writing this post today since I am in the mood to update my website with what’s going on in my life. This particular post is about the MOBOs last year.

I was heavily pregnant so I couldn’t go in the end but the reason why this was special to me is because I felt like the beginning of my “validation” was happening. I have been doing what I do for a minute now and it often feels like you work so much but nobody sees you. It isn’t about getting credits from other people but you actually want people to acknowledge your work, contribution, existence in the game no matter how big or small.

I have worked more in the US than the UK in terms of being connected to established public figures and it is somehow easier to make it in America even though it is in fact a bigger country so every time i do anything in England I kind of have that thing where I say to myself “Just do what you’ve gotta do and get the knowledge and qualifications you need. The rest will follow.” So when opportunities such as attending a person’s show or being invited to such organisation in the UK happens it just shows me that my work speaks for itself at the end of the day and people see my vision through the things I do and display and it feel very good.

All this to say that even though i couldn’t make it last year due to my pregnancy I am honored I even had the opportunity to. On that note, i see you this year! Thank you MOBOs!!


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