Month: May 2014

Barclay’s Bank: “Inspiring Entrepreneurs Going Global.” with us!!

The UK bank is organizing this event to teach us the key factors in making a business work. They brought in big names to the panel so we know they mean business!! The evening will probably be accompanied by beautiful memories that I will share with you all. Among the

Tambu finishes the recording of “If Your Girl Only Knew”.

Tambu finishes the recording of “Made Me Who I am”.

Finishing my songĀ “Made Me Who I am”.  

Thank you all!! I feel the love!! …via Instagram

“It’s all about the Benjamins!!” …thank you all for you support!! I hope my mains @silentbx @deidah @robinayers @vocalcoachnorwood been following me grow in the making of my debut album like my close ones did!! Thanks to the new followers too your love and respect is real!! I’m forever thankful

Music on my mind.

The sound of the music we are making is the sweetest to me. I can’t express enough how proud i am. Thank you all again!

‘Greystoke Studio’ love!! Thank you!!

I love this studio!! They made me feel at home!! I’m forever grateful for your time and your love. Let grab this Grammy!!

Recording studio fun & International love!

Thank you again for spending the day with me from all over the world via Instagram!! It was mad ready and I’m still on cloud nine!! I hope my debut album makes all y’all ‘Strong Ones’ proud!! Thank you for the international love. Thank you!

Tambu records “No Me Without You” earlier today.

Today’s session was mad real. I am so excited about this project. I have recorded at many places for many years but this time the right time. I am forever thankful for everyone who gave me plenty to write and sing about!! Let the recordings continue!!

Tambu records “Prepared To Die” earlier today.

This song is my favorite song of the album. In fact, it may be the best song to I’ve ever written in my life. I know that i have many songs and that everybody has their favorite. My songs come from personal times in my life that i share with

Just because… (via Instagram)

“I have a lot for myself and I’m only 26 years old” -Tambu-christel

This interview will be the first to feature on my VEVO page and I am looking forward for you to check it out in full. In that particular moment, I am talking about the fact that i know that i am already blessed and able to say that I have

New music: “Prepared to die”


New music: “From me to you”


Learning about the music industry.

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