Proud student!!

Hey guys I’m still here!!

For those who follow me on Instagram y’all noticed I’m on a chill pill in regards to posting pictures all day long. I know many may wonder what exactly do I mean by “chill” when I’ve already posted over two thousands pictures! However, it could be so much more if I didn’t “chill” trust me!

For one, I love myself and secondly I really love myself 😂💃but I am very focused to finish my work at university. It is very important for me to have my degree. I do a lot of music industry related work (e.i.: my debut album and various matersclases/conferences I’m envited to attend etc) but I know that I need to put my priorities in order. I will pause writing my book for a couple of weeks. I shall not record any songs for another four weeks. I will attend my business meetings because it’s related to what I’m studying so it helps me put things into practice but I will keep in mind that I need to concentrate on my studies.

All this to say that I am taking time off to make sure I devote my time to my studies for a minute and my children of course.

Education first?! Yes!

Have a great day!!


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