Month: July 2014

“Greystoke Studio” shout out!

As you all know I’m recording my debut album which is due this winter. As per the previous post I wrote, I am still writing songs and perfecting those I’ve already written to ensure the album really turns out to be the way I want it to. For those who

New music: “Guess I’m leaving” & “I’on give a sh*t”.

Bonjour people, My debut album is still very much in the making. I have added two new tracks and I believe a couple more should make the tracklist. The album is set to be called: “Prepared to die/ Six feet under”. Explanation about its title shall follow but both are

Holiday season: Los Angeles with my daughter, Tara.

I hope that there is no such thing as a bored Strong One!! My dear strong ones I hope that you are all up your holidays creating memories but if not do not fear you have many other days off coming so you will be able to live it up

‘Daniel Strong Entertainment’ is live on social media.

Hi my beloved strong ones, You can now find us on social media!! I have withdrawn myself from social media to enjoy my personal life more. I felt like being online constantly made it almost impossible for me to think about anything else but work. I needed to ease off

Your truth & personality will remain.

Good morning my dear strong ones. Today is the day we are going to keep it real. People have a tendency to portray elements of themselves that they aren’t. I have wondered if it was because they wished to be that way all the time so they would speak it

Daniel Strong Entertainment Limited signs the “Label’ fair digital deals declaration.”

LABELS’ FAIR DIGITAL DEALS DECLARATION – FAQ/INFORMATION What is the Labels’ Fair Digital Deals Declaration? The Labels’ Fair Digital Deals Declaration is a statement of commitment by independent record companies to treat their artists fairly in agreements relating to digital exploitation of artists’ work in recorded music agreements with third parties. Background

Wilson Luna’s ‘International Entrepreneur Intensive’ weekend.

Entrepreneur Intensive is aimed at entrepreneurs who are serious about business success. It is for business owners and entrepreneurs that want to build or grow their business and in the process change not only their lives, but also the lives of their families, employees and communities at large. Our internationally acclaimed

Contact page updated: DANIEL STRONG ENTERTAINMENT LIMITED – Contact & Information.

Good morning dear reader, We have updated yet more aspects of this website because valuable elements came to us. We have received our badge form the AIM group today so we decided to make some space for our beloved record label on this site. The first page we updated today is the

Pros and cons of self-management in music.

Common questions from singer/songwriters Every semester in which I teach Business of Music, I have singer/songwriters approaching me about: 1. What exactly is it that a manager does? 2. Whether I think they should be looking for a manager yet? 3. Whether or not they should be managing themselves, or

The importance studying has to me.

Hi strong ones, I have taken a significant amount of time off to prioritise the things that mattered the most to me and suspended everything else that was planned unless time allowed me to juggle them all at the same time. Due to that, I post less random posts online.

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