The importance studying has to me.

Hi strong ones,
I have taken a significant amount of time off to prioritise the things that mattered the most to me and suspended everything else that was planned unless time allowed me to juggle them all at the same time. Due to that, I post less random posts online. I’ve also reduced the amount of pictures I publish on instagram unless they relate to my studies.

I wanted to take the time to express how important it is for me to obtain my PhD in business. I am very passionate when it comes to doing what I do professionally which is music, initially. I have been blessed enough to seized many opportunities and create even more possibilities for myself, that I wanted to incorporate passion with certified knowledge. I thank God for the gifts he gave me with every talents he granted me with but I won’t be able to use them to their full potential if I don’t understand the fundamental rules of business and the advanced rules of it to maintain a long lasting successful career.
I managed and produced myself so far which will probably change in the future once I trust a fellow management company and a producer who understands the director I take my music to. However, until then I will remain my own manager as well as the director of my record label and this is the reason why studying business in a proper manner is important to me. I need to know what I am doing professional and become academically inclined. These elements along side the passion and talents I dedicate to the music industry and overall entertainment business, are part of a combination I like to associate with the person I am. It says reliable, longevity, dedication, ambitious, intelligence and so much more that I like the thought that all the above and more represent who I am. Plus, if none of the music situation happens the way I envision it to, I can still become a professor!! Believe in education guys it is important.

I am currently going through my exam/assignments period the reason why I have gone quiet but do not worry once this is out of the way I will be back with a lot of things to share!

Thank you for reading this entry 😉 ✨ below are the pictures I took today before I submitted even more assignments!! They seem to grow on trees no matter how many I submit there are still another million of them to do?! Anyway, enjoy your evening.




Side note: I took over the study stop in the building!! I tend to love my space. I always spread out my belongings all over the place no matter where I go. I’m just the type of person who requests space to be able to relax, focus and take the time to do what I need to do.

Bye for now, Tam.

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