Contact page updated: DANIEL STRONG ENTERTAINMENT LIMITED – Contact & Information.

Good morning dear reader,

We have updated yet more aspects of this website because valuable elements came to us. We have received our badge form the AIM group today so we decided to make some space for our beloved record label on this site.

The first page we updated today is the contact page. It used to be Contact me but we’ve changed it to ‘DANIEL STRONG ENTERTAINMENT LIMITED – Contact & Information’ and took the opportunity to dedicate the page to everything “Strong Ones”. The contact page has our address with our email and other contact details. You will also find badges we have been granted over the years and corporation certificates for the company. The page also has a gallery where we will display pictures of anything related to the music firm. However, make sure to remain attentive on the main site as it is where the official activities and blog entries take place with full posts, pictures, videos and extended information. We hope to receive more beautiful badges and capture more #StrongOnes moments to display in the future.

The second page that received a make over today is the ‘Biography’ one. We added a feedback comment section because many people asked us if and where they could comment on the website. The website never had an overall feedback section as we assumed people would just comment under published blog posts. Therefore, we decided to add a feedback section under Biography.

Thank you again for reading my entries and I shall talk to you all soon!

Yours truly,

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