wpid-wp-1404633899693.jpegEntrepreneur Intensive is aimed at entrepreneurs who are serious about business success. It is for business owners and entrepreneurs that want to build or grow their business and in the process change not only their lives, but also the lives of their families, employees and communities at large.

Our internationally acclaimed event Entrepreneur Intensive serves as a platform for entrepreneurs to experience business acceleration and mentoring first hand. It is hailed as “the most powerful two days of business training in the world.” Last year alone, Entrepreneur Intensive attracted over 30,000 start-ups and businesses globally because of its ability to deliver participants real, tangible and monetisable results.

It is two days of intensive business strategy designed to propel your idea or existing business to the next level. Whether you have an existing business, an idea or start-up, these two days represent a real opportunity to connect with a leading global business expert – Wilson Luna – and learn the techniques and strategies that resulted in him being a self-made multimillionaire by the age of 40.

Wilson Luna is an international business expert, best-selling author, and one of Australia’s most respected entrepreneurs. He has not only spent more than a decade providing strategic advice to some of Asia-Pac’s foremost CEOs, but also has founded and assisted in building many multimillion-dollar enterprises in the Asia-Pac region in the last 20 years.

Wilson’s personal experience and exclusive access to top CEOs has enabled him to distill some of the most powerful success strategies from some of the world’s most successful and prominent business leaders – strategies that have led to the development of his internationally acclaimed business mentorship programme.

“I have the unyielding belief that the only thing that will resolve the financial crises facing the world is entrepreneurs, as business is the life blood of any economy. That is why there is no better time than now, to support entrepreneurs and business people across the globe.” -Wilson Luna.


The intensive week end takes place the June 5 & 6 so technically i should be there right now for the second day but I have my assignments to finish so I couldn’t go today. I would like to say though that I enjoyed yesterday’s conference and that I’ve learnt a great deal of new things as usual. Let me start by showing your around the premise and tell you what I felt about the organization then we will go into what I have learnt during this seminar. I woke up at 6am on Saturday got ready and made my way to Earl’s court. The event was by invitation only so we had to be there by 8.45am in order to register our credentials with the organization which I did.

wpid-img_20140705_064825.jpg wpid-img_20140705_070454.jpg wpid-img_20140705_080118.jpg wpid-img_20140705_081021.jpg wpid-img_20140705_081106.jpg wpid-img_20140705_081140.jpg wpid-img_20140705_081343.jpgWhat I’ve learnt with Wilson yesterday:

  • Sales: you need to focus on your fan base and deliver products that you know they they like and perfect your quality and delivery in order for them to recommend other people to come to you. There is no better marketing than the word of mouth! Also, specialize yourself in the field you work in and target the people who would.
  • Monetizing and Targeting: understanding that what makes the money in your business is not your profession but the fact that you supply something that your customers need. For example, a doctor doesn’t sell his doctorate he sells his services as a doctor that you need to heal. Another example, a psychiatrist doesn’t sell psychiatry but they sell you a service that will make you feel better via therapy which is something you need. Now, by the time you are a psychiatrist for example specializing in a certain type of psychiatry will guarantee you work such has specializing in depression. Target the type of depression, age group and more then look at the type of organization these people would go to first that would get a referral from that place such as a GP for example and offer your services to that surgery practice. Introduce yourself and the services you offer and mention that their establishment have the type of client that your company specializes in then make them an offer such as the number of bonus or business you can offer them every time they refer a client to you. You follow? This way you will run a business that will always have clients due to the fact that you focused on a group that need your services in their lives and approach an organization that can provide you regular clients with the problems you are specialized in solving. Get it? Good.
  • The business hat: to be educated or talented does not bring you business. Many people that have no talent and no good products but they are currently sitting on multi-million pounds businesses. The business world is about giving the people what they want and if you are to do that they you have a business that will probably make you reach your financial objective.
  • Last but not least, speak your ambitions into existence. If your goal is to be successful (whatever the definition of success is to you) then act like you already are. If you wish to be rich then behave like you really mean it. You have absolutely no idea how far your behaviour and beliefs will take you!!

I could go on and on but as off yesterday, I decided to write an business book for entrepreneurs and believe it I know many people need it! So stay tuned for updates on this matter! Today is day two of Wilson’s intensive weekend and they will work on their renowned ‘Business Transformation Day’ i’m kind of mad that I am not there right now!!

Thank you for reading and talk to you soon,



wpid-img_20140705_131234.jpg wpid-dsc_0016.jpg wpid-img_20140705_125204.jpg wpid-img_20140705_115313.jpg

Initial description:

wpid-img_20140529_121701.jpg‘Entrepreneur Intensive’ is aimed at entrepreneurs who are serious about business success. Their internationally acclaimed event serves as a platform for entrepreneurs to experience business acceleration and mentoring first hand.

Now, I can’t express enough how proud I am to be able to be among these people!! I am truly blessed and yes, I had to show aaawwwff on Instagram!!

Thank you team Luna for our tickets and we will see you then!!

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