Good morning my dear strong ones. Today is the day we are going to keep it real.

People have a tendency to portray elements of themselves that they aren’t. I have wondered if it was because they wished to be that way all the time so they would speak it or act it into existence?  I also questioned if this behaviour was caused because these people knew that it appeals to a certain type of females and males therefore they were just giving the public what they demand, even though it is a facade? Or if these “let’s pretend to be people we’re not” phases happens because people know damn that the way they truly are isn’t appealing therefore to be appreciated would require a few lies… I don’t know the answer and I don’t why a person would be so deceiving on purpose.
It is very disappointing to know that people are never truly themselves, especially men. Wouldn’t it be simpler to attract a person with your truth and allow them to love you for who you really are? That way you avoid heartaches, headaches, separations and so much more!
I understand that sometimes you want a person or something so bad that you feel like you gotta no matter what but wouldn’t it be longer lasting if you laid down your flaws so the opposite person you’re dealing with has the opportunity to either embrace them or let it go? Bare in mind that they embrace them you are almost guaranteed a long lasting successful marriage from the day you lay eyes on them, if we’re talking people or you’d have a good career if we’re talking objectives.

On a personal note
I came across men that were crazy partners, unfaithful, liars, who had a million children they weren’t interested to care for and the list goes on but they were good friends or great brothers. I’ve come across women that were impulsive, opinionated, ready to fight on the clock and borderline ratchet but they were amazing mothers. However, I strongly believe that at the end of the day if you are a good person with good values you will not be all the negatives I stated above because your personality will not allow you to be that way and your values will never agree agree with associating yourself with the things that don’t reflect who you are and the things you stand for. So to me, if you are some of the negative above especially those I mentioned for men then you are not a good person with any type of good values. The lies need to be shut down before you deceive more people than you already have.

The bottom line is, the truth always rises. Lies can only sleep for so long. Deal with your life accordingly before it comes to get you and yours. Now, if you are the type who claims not to care then firm it until the end and don’t dare complain when situations get real… ever… Keep you mouth shut.

Ain’t nobody want to hear your noise because we do not care either.


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