New music: “Guess I’m leaving” & “I’on give a sh*t”.

Bonjour people,
My debut album is still very much in the making. I have added two new tracks and I believe a couple more should make the tracklist.

The album is set to be called: “Prepared to die/ Six feet under”. Explanation about its title shall follow but both are titles of tracks the project is composed of. Thank you all for the continuous love. I am working very hard in making sure this album really turns out the way I want it to. It’s self funded and executive produced. I wrote all the songs in this album with their lyrics and melodies, background vocals and also co-procuced the songs so this is a serious matter in terms of production and delivery.

Stay tuned for it because I believe you all will like it. So far, the album has songs named (in no particular order):

# Can’t save you
# Grieving soul
# Women & Problems
# Light your candle
# Overnight
# If your girl only knew
# Made me who I am
# Prepared to die
# Preach
# I love you
# Six feet under
# Goes Up
# I’on give a sh*t
# Guess I am leaving
# From me to you

A ‘Live session’ version of the songs and the album will also come out a couple of months or so after the release of my beautiful baby debut album. So please be here for both of them this winter!! Thank you again for everything!!

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