Month: August 2014

Summer garden party in Richmond, UK.

Hey guys, I had so much to say but I lost all words so I will share the pictures of an networking event I was invited to. I will say though that I like these events because you often get to know people you can do business with. You also

Signed by ‘Daniel Strong Entertainment’ and represented by ‘A&M Entertainment’ – Information of both companies.

Hi my beloved strong ones, I am delighted to say the least to announce you all officially that I’m a recording artist signed by Daniel Strong Entertainment Limited and represented by A&M Entertainment!! Yess!! You can see their current and past roster by clicking on the link below. It is

“Fair Digital Deal Declaration” badge for Daniel Strong Entertainment Limited.

Good night Strong ones, As I’ve mentioned in about two previous posts, Daniel Strong Entertainment Limited has signed the “Fair Digital Deal Declaration” and for doing so we have received this beautiful badge that we can proudly display everywhere we go. To see all our previous badges and other qualifications

“Women’s Business Luncheon” in Atlanta, GA.

Thank you Atlanta for showing me love. I am thankful that you thought about me with this invite. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to make it due to the time I’ve dedicated to my family during the summer holidays but I feel blessed none-the-less. I will get back to work soon

FAIR DEAL! | AudioTechnology Magazine (Australian Magazine).

Mobile view: Indie artist, Tambu Christel signs the declaration (image: Daniel Strong Entertainment) The Worldwide Independent Network (WIN) has created the Fair Digital Deals Declaration, an initiative calling for the fair and transparent accounting of digital revenues for artists, so far over 700 indie labels from 23 countries, have signed

Mental health.

Anyone can make simple changes that have a huge impact on their mental health and wellbeing. We’ve come up with ten practical ways to take care of yourself and get the most from life. Mental health is about the way you think and feel and your ability to deal with

Watch the beautiful and articulate, Halle Berry.

Halle Berry Talks About Having a Second Child on Queen Latifah show: Halle Berry 1998 Interview:

Watch our Malcom X “The Assassination of Patrice Lumuba”

The Assassination of Patrice Lumuba:

Watch “Le Conflit au Congo: La Vérité Dévoilée – Crisis In The Congo: Uncovered Truth”

Le Conflit au Congo: La Vérité Dévoilée – Crisis …:

I’ve been saaanging and I’ve been Vlogging!!

Hey guys, many things are happening in my life and while I’m looking for additional elements to add to a documentary (EPK) for my upcoming project I found these files: I used to do alot of videos that I would post online. The page I had had 1,500 likes and

Holiday season: Californian girls!

Good morning Strong Ones, As I’m throwing some throwbacks as well as my current holidays situation, I came across these pictures and video so I’m here sharing. Basically, my baby girl and I were Americans for a while and we still love Los Angeles to this day. We stayed in

Holiday season: New Jersey, New York and Washington DC.

We’re all up north America right now!! I have no real words for those trips but great memories. I can guide you through certain things that happened as I found some pictures and footages but I have to say that I need to go back there!! So, it all started

Holiday season: Switzerland.

Hey guys, The holidays are still on and I hope you guys are really taking advantage of your time off if you do have some. I’m back sharing pictures of wonderful times I’ve had with my holidays and places I’ve visited in my life. I don’t have much to say

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