Summer garden party in Richmond, UK.


Hey guys,

I had so much to say but I lost all words so I will share the pictures of an networking event I was invited to.

I will say though that I like these events because you often get to know people you can do business with. You also get to meet people from bigger organizations than your that give you an idea of the way things operate in big companies. Even if you are a start up, these kid of events as well as masterclasses will give you insight of the things you need to have a functional organisation. The HR department of a business is really the heart of the entire company. We don’t pay much attention to it when we are new to business.  Start ups are generally too small to have such departments but the idea of catering to staff properly and customers is just fundamental period. Well this particular aspect of having a successful company is what caught my attention that night when meeting individuals who worked in companies that catered to HR (human resources).

No matter your business and the field your work in never let an opportunity to attend any of these. They seem boring at first or pointless at times but i guarentee you that you will take something away with you!! Knowledge is key people. Never forget that.

Yours truly,

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