[NEW MUSIC + AUDIO-VIDEO] Debut album preview from my car.

My dear oh dear strong ones where do I even beggiinnnnnn!

I was in my car and I decided to share a few seconds of a few tracks of mine. The response was overwhelming!! My phone started to ring like never before and a few comment landed on my instagram and Facebook as well as a few retweets and favs from twitter.

I’ve been doing music for a minute now and I guess some of y’all didn’t realise the seriousness of the vision and project at hand because so many of you were so shocked it seems y’all just found out I sang! I am grateful for you all and the love you all shared with me throughout the years!! Let’s carry on this beautiful journey by making sure the release of this beautiful music happens smoothly and that it gets all the recognition it deserves because y’all know I’ve worked on it with every single bit of my being. As usual my late son was my ultimate inspiration and my daughters gave me purpose.

Enjoy the videos I’ve previously posted on instagram and please note that none of these tracks are mixed and mastered yet. Enjoy nonetheless.

My account is normally set at private but I do let the world lurke away at times. However, you can follow and unfollow my business account as you please at @DanielStrongEnt

Successful students be like…

I would like to thank all the establishments that allowed to to study at their premises. I would like to thank all the colleges and universities I have attended because my three years seemed like forever. Not only was I studying and working in additional to be a full on mother but I was living what some people could say “hell at home”. Every single one of the establishments I studied at came to know about certain situations in my life and they gave me support I never dreamt of having. Without the teachers and directors’ kindness, I would not have gone so far in my studies!!

I also would like to thank all the prestigious Universities that invited me over to visit and further my studies. I would like to thank all of them for congratulating me on my grades and offering me the best places in their organizations!!

Thank you all so much for making me believe in me and trust my NERDness. Thank you all teachers and directors for believing in academic success that beats the odds. Thank you all so much because of you I have decided to carry on my NERD journey. Thank you all again. No matter where life takes me with my education please know that without you all I wouldnt have be able to even start!! Thank you all so much. Here to business studies and psychology ūüćĽūüćĺūüćĺūüćĺūüćĺ

Let me tell you one thing!! I’ve worked very hard for this!! En route to my PhD guys!! For those who follow me on instagram… don’t brag because y’all knew about this first ūüėČ as for those who wonder the same thing my stylist wondered below?!

The honest answer is: I don’t know!! Maybe “will power” shall be the answer?! Thank you all for the amazing support though!! To know that people out there do think that I am on the right path does make a difference and it helps alot!! Thank you!!

Yours truly,

Words from Simon Cowell.

Simon Cowell said something on the line of “It comes to a point in the competition where looking like you’ve just woke up and remembered you had work to do, doesn’t do it anymore.” referring to an X-factor UK contestant. His point was that the singer was very talented but he didn’t make an effort to impress and when you have fierce competitions with other people who are dedicated to impress, you can lose your seat by not playing the part.
Yes, I don’t have competition and I am my own boss doing things in my own time but hear me out… That statement stayed with me for a minute because I get very comfortable at times. So comfortable that other people look at some of my pictures and feel offended by thinking about the time people took to get ready and turn up while I may have come wearing a tracksuit.

In all honesty, Simon statement reminded me of two events I happened to have neglected those “Look ready and pretty” factors.

1) The AIM music awards: as many African women stated, my hair was a mess. Believe it or not my hair was done two hours prior to the event. However, the weather damage everything I’ve paid for which seriously annoyed me and I’m not doing weaves again for that exact reason. The weather is too much of a factor when you have that hairstyle and it stresses me out so not again. Also, a teenager local to where I reside was reported missing. My daughter took the matter at heart so I promised her that we would look for her. I wanted my daughter to know that when such thing happen the community drops what they have to do to help and be a part of founding a missing person (children). I felt like if I didn’t show her by example that she wouldn’t hear me out if I told her that yet ran off for a red carpet. You know, like it would be contradictory to whatever statement I intended to teach her.



Doing this for my daughter and to help the family of course, whom I’ve contacted prior to that so they could indicate us where to get the posters from, ultimately made me two hours late. However, I don’t regret. I personally did not care about the state of my hair and the fact that I went there without make up simply because at the end of the day I was there, I was invited, I had received the opportunity, I was pictured with fellow industry people and this alone made me grateful. So, I didn’t care about my hair.

2) Visiting VEVO HQ in London: that particular blog post received a serious amount of hits and I gained new followers on social media especially instagram where people are asking me if I can put them on. Having paid attention to what Simon Cowell said tonight though, made me think about that post.
I love the pictures me and my team take and I love the things I do but it seems like I am not grasping and realising who I am becoming.
At this point of my career I should pay more attention of my look and the way I portray myself. It doesn’t me wearing make up. It doesn’t mean having heels. It doesn’t mean plastic surgery. However, it does mean looking lean. I’m here to say that I must admit that I often have the attitude of ‘pick up and go’ and I should make an effort to take a little more time to take care of myself as I am meeting important people who probably made an effort for me also. It’s almost like being respectful of people’s time and effort.

Everybody wants to look good for the people they are meeting. A party they are organising. It’s about effort and respect I think. And, in that prospect I think that I’m too caught up in being grateful to be here that I’m not respecting the effort people made to have me there. I’m too comfortable thinking that at the end I made it. However, I don’t consider that people took extra time to look and smell good for me and other people coming.

I do take showers twice a day and I smell wonderful but I am here to acknowledge where I can improve to be a better and more respectful me. So my take on this is that as well as being thankful and grateful, I shall also be respectful of other people’s time and effort they put in and I shall do the same in return. Let’s grow!!

Yours truly,

Visiting VEVO HQ in London.



VEVO would like to share with you some of the great results that they have achieved over the past three years. Looking to the future they will highlight the exciting opportunities for you and your artists across their platform, and look for ways to improve collaboration with you. 

VEVO welcome you to their London HQ to answer any questions you may have, and to share a drink.


Registrations & Arrival Drinks

Presentation & Q&A

Networking Drinks

Once again, I feel very blessed to be able to be a part of these beautiful events. I’ve learned more than I thought I would. I’ve met new people and obviously enquired about my personal vevo page.

The event was great and we had quite a few drinks!! My photographer and I enjoyed ourselves and we pictured the day perfectly for yall to enjoy!!

I am looking into ways to create a platform for up and coming artist to have access to the things I do. I can not comment on this further because it’s a new idea and truth is I have so much to do already that I don’t know when I’d be able to put that in place but I do think it’d be a great platform to explore. For now, I am thankful to vevo for having us. It is always a pleasure to be among other industry professionals.

Thank you guys for tuning in and regularly check for me. I am thankful to everybody following us. I also would like to take a minute to thank god for blessing me the way he does and loving and supporting me as his daughter and my passion. To everybody that know me, I love you. To everybody who love me, I love you. To everybody I will get to know in life, I already love and appreciate you.

Thank you all again. Yours truly,

Yes, I am a Diva.



A¬†diva¬†(/ňądiňźv…ô/;¬†Italian:¬†[ňądiňźva]) is a celebrated female singer; a woman of outstanding talent in the world of¬†opera, and by extension in¬†theatre,¬†cinema¬†and¬†popular music. The meaning of¬†diva¬†is closely related to that of¬†prima donna.


The word entered the English language in the late 19th century. It is derived from the¬†Italiannoun¬†diva, a female deity. The¬†plural¬†of the word in English is “divas”; in Italian,¬†dive[ňądiňźve]. The basic sense of the term isgoddess,[1][2]¬†the feminine of the Latin worddivus¬†(Italian¬†divo), someone deified after death, or Latin¬†deus, a god.[3]

The male form¬†divo¬†exists in Italian and is usually reserved for the most prominent leading tenors, like¬†Enrico Caruso¬†andBeniamino Gigli. The Italian term¬†divismodescribes the¬†star-making system¬†in the film industry. In contemporary Italian,¬†diva¬†anddivo¬†simply denote much-admired celebrities, especially film actresses and actors, and can be translated as “(film) star”. The Italian actress¬†Lyda Borelli¬†is considered the first cinematic diva, following her breakthrough role in¬†Love Everlasting¬†(1913).[4]

An extravagant admiration for divas is a common element of camp culture.[5]

Morden usage

The word diva re-emerged in the early 1990s when singer Annie Lennox named her first post-Eurythmics album Diva. Since that, the word has often been used to describe a female artist who achieved enormous success. In 1998, VH1 debuted its first annualVH1 Divas concert that celebrated female artists such as Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Gloria Estefan, Celine Dion and others.

Now, some of y’all will argue that I am not a successful singer therefore why am I behaving like I deserve to call myself a Diva. Some of y’all will argue that I am extremely conceited and I need to calm down with the way I portray myself and/or believe other people should portray me. As well as, many of you understand that I’ve worked so hard to get here and I deserve to be treated with a certain of level of respect because nobody but me got me here.

I already go to places where I am welcomed with wine and champagne. Places with invites only access. Places that have guests lists where I, and my team, feature. I already go to red carpet events whether they are events you readers personally know of or not, they are still blessings and privileges I have that many of you dream to have. This is my work. My life. I started it all from a place of grief (grieving my son Daniel) and deep depression thinking of self-destruction. So yes, today I deserve my fellow industry professionals to respect my work and respect my grind. I’ve sacrificed time and money to get here even with a husband and three children at home while some of you readers are struggling to make it on your own, single, with no kids. Pay attention to the fact that I am not here to knock anybody’s hustle but I am laying it out straight.

My music (single) will be released next month and my album will follow. Know that I produced that work. Know that I’ve promoted that work. Nobody is handing me free food. I work, pay, hire people. Where do I get the money from? I work.

My previous post mentioned about the joy of independence and the fact that even though it’s more work and hassle that way, the rewards are priceless. I don’t need a Grammy to be able to tell you that to me I’ve already made it…by myself.

My close ones say to me that they see the direction my work is taking and that they are proud of me. The people who work for me tell me that I better not turn into a Diva with them and I shall keep it cute. My husband just made a comment to me about requests I make with champagne and food to individuals and/or organisations that hire me as an artist or a director, he personally feels like it is too Diva-ish. I’ve told all of them that I’m just aware of certain aspect of my strength and I value every bit of my journey because I know how hard I worked to aquire these opportunities. Therefore, I will never allow anybody to take that away from me. So yes, I request certain things to be in place upon my arrival.

The double standard I clearly see sometimes is that when a major artist is like this, nobody has a real issue with it ‘because they can’? Well no, they didn’t work or pay anybody to appear in this radio station, the record label did it. They didn’t work hard to get that connection, the record label already had it so they organised it. As for me, the Lord know the tricks I have to pull to get to do certain things as an independent artists and label. Therefore, yes, I do want you to respect that and yes I like my white wine and champagne and whatever food me, my team and my family wants.

I am considerate though but I travel with my family and team and it is it what it is. I am blessed to be able to have them around. I am blessed to have freedom and do these things with my family from a start up stage. I am enjoying my blessings but I am also working very hard to create even more opportunities for myself. The beauty of creating doors is that it creates even more doors after that.

Last but not least, in all honesty coming from Switzerland somehow made it that I was born and raised with a certain standard in life. Yes, i have been broke. Yes, i have been homeless. However, the fact that a certain way of life was install in me from birth made it that I never wear my problems. Keeping it cute at all times. Don’t get me wrong, I have pictures with my hair all over the place, my outfits all over the place but I’m still here doing it when some of yall aren’t.

If you wish to do business and be a part of my team email us and contact me anytime. I am here to lift people up and grow with. I’m not selfishly wanting to get to the top. Only work with selfless hard working people though so serious injuries only!! Thank you for passing by and let’s cheer to success!!

Yours truly,

The “dream team” I’ve worked to get. We’ve already made it.


To all my strong ones out there, I just came back from a music industry event and I feel blessed beyond belief.

Many years ago I was here grieving my first born and I felt like life wasn’t worth living and from there I’ve build a home away from which is my company and the things I do through it. I love being a music industry professional. I love being surrounded by executives and other representatives of anything to do with firms that’s work in entertainment.

I’ve met with my new photographer today and we had a blast! Once we’ve got to know each other though the work we had to do at the event, we sat down for a minute and spoke about how blessed we were. We both have jobs we actually love doing and we both created businesses in the fields we’ve enjoyed. Me being an entertainer and director and her being a photographer and videographer.

Then we highlighted the fact that we could die any day and feel at ease knowing that we’ve lived the way we wanted to live. I will write a post about the event we went to tomorrow. Those who follow me online in social media already know what it was but the point of this post is to embrace the fact that no matter what happens from now on, we are aware of how blessed we are and we do know that we have the chance to live what many dream of.

I love my life and I am blessed. I have a beautiful team of stylist, makeup artist, photographer, hairdresser. I have and run my own record label which you know with myself as an executive producer and amazing other individuals in production, engineers, writers. In marketing we have public relations covered and other marketing tools as well as video production.
The list could go on and on plus I have my own agent and more…all this to say that my son brought me here in so many ways. I never thought life would turn this way but I worked hard!! I have a lot of children. I study. I do so many things but I work so hard for this and never gave up! I did have breaks but never gave up.

I now have my dream team and you will see more of us. I’ve worked so hard to find us all. I’ve had sleepless nights to get us all where we needed to be. I’m convinced that we will make it. I’m ready. They all will play their parts into making me the best I can be. Together, we are now a team. I love them all!

Yours truly,

Avoid bad associations.

Good morning Strong Ones,

I hope you all are okay and I will start this entry with “You are what you eat”.

There’s no such thing as “guilty by association” because you are just as guilty as your associations if you make a conscious decision to be affiliated with them there you should be prepared to all consequences attached to the partnership you’re being involved with however important or irrelevant it is to your personal point of view, says the lawyer and authoritarian person in me.

From a Christian view, you should bare in mind the following:

In what other ways may those “calling on the name of God announce unrighteousness”? By avoiding close association with people who practice unrighteousness. Jehovah’s people striving to live clean lives should avoid intimacy with individuals in the congregation who persistently disregard god’s principles (1 corinthians 15:33).

On that note, have a wonderful day my loved ones ūüėČ


Don’t engage in debates with apostates.

From a Christian point of view

God’s words give specific advice concerning the type of unrighteousness that Christians must renounce or reject. We find that Paul tells Timothy “not to fight about words” and “reject empty speeches”(2 Timothy 2:19, 14, 16, 23).

People tend to introduce controversial ideas. Even if the latter are not directly unscriptural, they are divisive which result in bickering and arguments over words, creating a spiritually unhealthy atmosphere. Hence, why we shall “reject foolish and ignorant debates”.

Sometimes people genuinely intent to help individuals however certain conversations would be contrary to the scriptures above. Rather, we should completely avoid and reject apostasy.

From a worldly view

We live in a world where people are wishing misery upon others and it all honesty I have been on of those. We live in a place where people wish marriages to fail. Men and women betray each other. Our kids get bullied at school. Establishments get robbed. It seems like anger, frustrations and pain and hurt is everywhere we turn. We are only humans some are unstable beings overwhelmed with feelings and we often don’t know where to turn to express them which is often the reason why we turn from victims to perpetrators.

Life is not easy and many are not religious enough to seriously consider what I wrote above but the bottom line is really simple. Do not associate your with a person or a situation that will put you in a position or hurt and pain that may lead to something else.

As for engaging with people out there, know yourself and know who to be around doesn’t distract you from holy knowledge or personal sanity. If you know that people will blog about you, don’t read blogs. If you feel like going to a certain place will bring you problems, do not enter that building. If you believe that attending a certain party may turn out to be a nightmare, don’t gamble and stay home.

In all and all, keep yourself safe. Teach your children about the influences around and the things to simply not engage with. Strive for sanity. A drama free life.

Thank you for reading today. Yours truly,

AIM Music Awards 2014.


The 2014 AIM Independent Music Awards took place on 2nd September 2014. Hosted by Radio 1’s Alice Levine and XFM’s John Kennedy, the ceremony saw London Grammar, Sophie Ellis-Bextor, Twin Atlantic, Dan Le Sac vs Scroobius Pip, Ghetts, Richie Hawtin and many other incredible independent artists pick up awards. The audience were also treated to performances from Daughter and Twin Atlantic.

(photo credit: AIM music awards)

Here are the 2014 AIM Independent Music Awards winners:

Best Small Label: Hyperdub
Best Live Act: Sophie Ellis-Bextor
Independent Breakthrough of the Year: London Grammar
Hardest Working Band or Artist: Ghetts
Special Catalogue Release of the Year:¬†Various Artists –¬†Forecasting The Minneapolis Sound
Best ‘Difficult’ Second Album:¬†Ben Watt –¬†Hendra
Golden Welly Award For Best Independent Festival: Barn On The Farm
Indie Champion Award: John Doran, The Quietus
Independent Track of the Year:¬†Twin Atlantic –¬†Heart and Soul
Independent Video of the Year:¬†Dan Le Sac Vs Scroobius Pip –¬†You Will See Me
PPL Award For Most Played New Independent Act: London Grammar
Independent Album of the Year:¬†Arctic Monkeys –¬†AM
Innovator Award: Steve Goodman, Hyperdub
Independent Label of the Year: Domino
Outstanding Contribution to Music: Richie Hawtin
Pioneer Award: Martin Mills, Beggars Group
Special Recognition Award: Alison Wenham, AIM

Congratulations to everyone who was nominated, and of course, to this year’s winners.¬† Many thanks to our hosts, judges, partners and sponsors.


(photo credit: Daniel Strong Entertainment Limited/Tambu-christel McCaghrey)

The night was fun and again congratulations to the winners. After all that fun I ended up in bed tired and ready for dream land.

Thank you again AIM for having me. Thank you to the readers for checking up on me online last night and for reading this post now. From yours truly, Tam.


Children in entertainment by Robin Ayers. Thoughts?!

Hey my beloved strong ones,

A friend of mine that I dearly value recently wrote a post on itsrobinayers.com about children in the entertainment business. The lovely woman has two beautiful twin daughters and they have been I’m the field since babies. The whole family from parents to daughters are blessed. Very talented and god fearing. They are truly god sent. I met Robin when I started my vocal lessons with Mr. Norwood and associated me on so much that I ended up feeling so embarrassed and clueless!! None-the-less, we kept in touch and follow each others journeys ever since ūüôā

Robin is now a renown host. She has spoken with established acts in entertainment as well as radio gigs. The talented child of God is a respectable married woman who sings on the looowww but don’t tell her I’ve told you ūüėČ haha.

Click on the following link to be redirected to her blog post: it’s Robin Ayers

I felt it was a rather interesting topic because I have similar conversations with my husband and other parents in entertainment so this is what I replied to her post:

As I commented on your website but there is a moderation block… ” I don’t believe in kids being in this entertainment business. Period. I think they can be anything they want but being “famous” before knowing what you’re getting into is a NO.

Well, you know me already and I have passion for the music business but I am an adult. My daughters just signed a deal to write stories for kids. I pray everyday that they become SUCCESSFUL (authors, doctors, lawyers) and not FAMOUS (kardashians and many others)”

There are alot of billionaires out there that we don’t know. And they live life the best. Mind you, my children are 6yrs old- 2yrs old- 7months old. If they wish different as adult so be it but otherwise hell nah. Yet I’m a very paranoid protective mum. It is all fun when you’re young until things get realign their teens or so. I did create an instagram account for them but it will.never get to the point of hiring an agent for publicity and promo etc. No no no… The publisher sells book. People shall buy the books.

Of course i stated that this comment was of no offence at all. I was sharing an opinion but it made me wonder what did you guys think about it. Thoughts?

Yours truly,