INVITATION: Le Pliage is 20 years old this year! Longchamp and Vogue have the pleasure of inviting you to celebrate the birthday of this iconic bag. During the party there will be a photoshoot in which you can pose with your favourite bag. See the results at

Now!!! Let me tell you!! This must have been the best night of my entire life!! Not only because I was in an exclusive celebration but because I was out with my stylist Jessica. She is into fashion and she was the person invited. She was allowed to bring a guest and she brought me along. Together, we laughed and caught up on the things we’ve been through lately and drank a whole lot!!

The event had a prize draw and dear lord… THESE BAGS ARE AMAZING!! I didn’t really know about Longchamp like that to be honest but I was very surprised of the fashion they’ve displayed. I wanted at least 4 bags from them!! My stylist bought a couple 😉

The customer service was beyond great. We’ve got to talk to beautiful ladies so overall the night was just amazing on so many levels.

I will proceed by showing you guys the pictures and we shall catch up soon. To see my life in pictures follow me on instagram @TambuChristel 🙂



Thank you again for passing through my beloved website and sharing moments of my life with me. Please note that every pictures taken by myself and by photographers for me are all copyrighted to me. Thank you all strong ones for understanding.

Last but not least, little candids of me getting ready last night and I shall go.

Yours truly,
Tam 😉

One thought on “An evening with Vogue & Longchamp to celebrate “Le Pliage” bag.

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