Happy halloween my dear readers!!

I would like to say that due to my spiritual beliefs I don’t celebrate halloween anymore. In all honesty, I haven’t celebrated it religiously in the past either but I did enjoy it a few times in my 27years. I will however share pictures with you of the time my daughter Tara and I celebrated it in Los Angeles, CA.

She was very young then and yessssss we do travel alot and enjoy life as a family alot, I wouldn’t change it for the world.

I believe that we ultimately become a product of our environment so I am making sure these girls become the best they can be and do the most they can do because they’ve seen it and they known people that did “it” instead of telling them what to do in hope they will obey with absolutely no clue why it is good or bad for them aside of what we tell them.
Basically, what I am saying is that if you’re going to do either good or bad things it’s always best to understand why they would be either good or bad for you so that you understand why it is in your benefit to do what’s right for you. I believe that telling people what to do without deep explanations or life experiences related to that matter, often result in them doing the opposite just because they truly have no certainty as to why they should listen to you. If they did, they wouldn’t make those bad choices.

Sometimes, family and friends are reluctant to have a serious long talk out of fear, shame, embarrassments and many other reasons but they fail to understand that getting personal and intimate in communications with their loved ones has better effects. Honesty, is the best policy and whoever listening will then take your advice to a deeper level and re-evaluate their choices differently.

All this aside, this was us in California preparing for Halloween. Throwback much?!

Thank you for passing by!!

Yours always,

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