Month: November 2014

Mentality: “Sticking with the devil you know best.”

Dear strong ones, I hope you all are well and healthy!! I hope you’ve had a wonderful time with your families and didn’t break the bank on Black Friday!! I’m sure guilty of that 😦 it’s the first year I did it and boy, I got alot of things I

Press release: Tambu-christel performs new singles during live performance at Stags Head in London.

Click here to view: Tambu-christel performs new singles during live performance at Stags Head in London Soulful singer and songwriter Tambu-christel is back on the road with the premiere of her forthcoming album’s lead single, “Preach.” Currently in the studio finishing up her long-awaited album, Tambu took to the

Live performance in Hoxton, London.

Hello beautiful people, Here are the footage taken from my live gig on Thursday. I’m very grateful for the time you all took to comment on instagram at @danielstrongent and I look forward to seeing more of you in my upcoming dates. My debut single Preach is available worldwide on

BBC’s Children in need.

Dear strong ones, I hope that you all are blessed and well. I am writing to you today to share that I attended the children in need show and I wanted to express the way I feel about it. Of course, pictures shall follow 😉 I am a sucker for

Press release: Songstress Tambu-christel releases new soulful r&b single, “Preach”.

Click here to view: Songstress Tambu-christel releases new soulful r&b single, “Preach” Los Angeles, CA — Emerging singer and songwriter Tambu-christel has announced the release of her highly anticipated soulful r&b ballad titled, “Preach.” Released under the direction of her label, Daniel Strong Entertainment, the new single captures Tambu’s beautifully

My music video “Light Your Candle” behind the scenes in pictures.

Dear strong ones, I have been up and down the country working and new music, live performances and videos will land on this website in the near future. I had the pleasure to shoot my first music video last week which is my next single titled “Light Your Candle”. The

Dear lord, my heart is bleeding – #ChibokGirls #BringBackOurGirls

Guys, I’m here crying. I can’t take this. Ever since the beginning of it months ago, I’ve made sure to keep informed. Our family marched at the embassy. I’ve blogged, instagram’ed and tweeted. All I have are tears. Many may argue that we should have known it’d go this way

Striving for a simple life and spiritual awareness.

Hi dear strong ones, I’m writing this post because I’m feeling a few changes in me. I am sharing this particular post because these changes seem stronger than me as if they are out of my control. I’m embracing this transition because it’s gearing towards humbleness, spiritually growth and necessity.

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