Mentality: “Sticking with the devil you know best.”

Dear strong ones,

I hope you all are well and healthy!! I hope you’ve had a wonderful time with your families and didn’t break the bank on Black Friday!! I’m sure guilty of that 😦 it’s the first year I did it and boy, I got alot of things I wouldn’t and picked up if it wasn’t discounted 😉 Thank god I live in a civilised place because it wasn’t a circus here!! I’ve seen footage online that were awful!! Thank god we didn’t turn to animals here!

Anyway, let’s get to the subject in hand. I’ve been told this saying “Sticking with the devil you know best” since I was a baby, in french. However, as a kid you get to know many things but you’re not yet able to understand them and apply them so they are just words and sentences until you come to a place of full understanding of the use of them. Unfortunately, some people really do use so many of the negative sides they’ve grown to know/hear about and it’s very unfortunate.

Today, I’ll talk about what I’m seeing alot around me and how sad it actually is.

People are growing to be very scared of lonely. Men are dominating the way women feel about themselves right now which is only because women are extremely insecure. The bad thing is, 80% of men influencing the way women feel or portray themselves are men that have done incredible wrong in life, to their families, to women and children, last not not least they probably did incredibly wrong to their own children. Just looking is sad to see.

Are women that insecure?

Did we come to a place where we know guys are no good so we’ll just be with the one who isn’t as bad as…?

Is it a matter of “product of your environment” situation? When we come from a place that doesn’t ‘produce’ any better so we might as well pick a man and stay there?

Do we under value the definition of love and self-worth?

Do women do as they would advice their daughters to do?

Do women wish for their daughters to live as they do? To have as they have? In that case, what are you wishing your daughters?

What are we teaching our children?

In England for example, you’ll find that it is almost impossible to find a man who hasn’t got kids. Many don’t even claim half the kids they have.
Mind you, it’s the same with women. You may find that it’s equally hard to find a woman who hasn’t got children. What does this say about our society to you? All I see is a big ass mess. No values, no morals. At this point our children could be dating each other and not knowing it. It’s disgusting. Nothing more and nothing less.

“Sticking with the devil you knows best” is very relevant to women who have kids by people they either don’t love anymore or they don’t see the point in being with their partner anymore but they have children together and the fear of finding something new arises way to many questions so they’d rather deal with the devil they already know in fear that the potential “new partner” may turn out to be worst.

This apply to both party actually. Very much so. Men often end up marrying women they know would take all type of crap from them instead of a woman who will challenge them a little. A woman who loves will do anything for her man. Whether she is bossy, very independent, feisty and whatever else. If she loves a man and the man respects she will do anything for him. However, men still go for the “dumb” one. Depending in the type of person he is. He will go for the one who isn’t intellectually inclined. The one who isn’t fashion forward. The one who isn’t here to dispute him. The safe one who provably has self-esteem issues also.

“Sticking with the devil you know best” may be your choice because you don’t want to be the joke of everybody’s conversation. If you’ve had kids by many men, you almost refuse to go through this process again so you’ll stay. You may listen to your girls stories and feel like ‘at least you aint got it that bad’. All these reasons exclude your well being. Women who think as such have neglected themselves. You need to love yourselves first!!

I hope that everybody I thought of while writing this post will heal soon. I hope that you will grow to show your children how strong you are. I hope that you will show your daughters the meaning and value of self love and worth.

Always love yourselves enough to demand love and respect.

My life is far from perfect but I make the best of it. I’ve had to make serious and hurtful decisions but my priority was to install in my children that the love of god and the value in themselves were more important than what people have to say about them. I, personally, only care for my children to tell me that I’m a brilliant mother who makes good decisions. A strong faithful woman who inspire them. The rest? I don’t care.

Thank you all for loving me the way you all do. Thank you for checking this website as often as you do. I’m grateful for your time.

Yours always,

Press release: Tambu-christel performs new singles during live performance at Stags Head in London.

Click here to view:


Tambu-christel performs new singles during live performance at Stags Head in London

Soulful singer and songwriter Tambu-christel is back on the road with the premiere of her forthcoming album’s lead single, “Preach.” Currently in the studio finishing up her long-awaited album, Tambu took to the stage at The Stags Head in Hoxton, London with a melodic set of tunes from her arsenal. First, performing her sexy ballad, “Preach” and then “Light Your Candle,” along with a set of popular R&B cover songs to an anticipating audience of fans. “Preach” is currently available on iTunes at:

“I am very excited to be on the road and I am even more excited that people loved what I’ve done so far,” says Tambu. “My band is composed of amazing players who play for the likes of VV Brown and Jessie J so I know we’re going to have a successful musical venture together!”

With recent appearances in London at the MOBO Awards and the Longchamp/Vogue Party, Tambu is excited to be back on stage doing what she does best – entertaining the crowd. Her charismatic personality and genuine love for people is what helps her connect with her adoring fans.

Her relentless passion for singing and songwriting, in addition to her eloquent vocals have been the driving force behind her success. To check out her latest performances in London visit: Tambu-christel is currently accepting performance engagements, for booking inquiries please submit your inquiries online at:

Thank you,

Live performance in Hoxton, London.

Hello beautiful people,

Here are the footage taken from my live gig on Thursday.

I’m very grateful for the time you all took to comment on instagram at @danielstrongent and I look forward to seeing more of you in my upcoming dates.

My debut single Preach is available worldwide on iTunes and GooglePlay 😉
Enjoy the videos and the pictures from the rehearsals below. To all the Brandy fans. I’ve messed up the lyrics a little but give the sis a chance 🙂

Thank you all again and enjoy!

BBC’s Children in need.

Dear strong ones,

I hope that you all are blessed and well. I am writing to you today to share that I attended the children in need show and I wanted to express the way I feel about it. Of course, pictures shall follow 😉

I am a sucker for knowledge in my field which is entertainment and I always raise my hand when an opportunity rises up for me to learn!!
I love behind the scenes work. I love directing, staging, producing and of course performing. Many may argue that although I have opportunities to do many things, I should focus on the singing. Well, I do handle my duties as an artist. I work hard as a director. I am a successful student also. Do not worry.

Today was good because I’ve been inspired to plan my stage presence. I am close to establishing what I want Tambu to look like on stage. My way I want people to know me for as a performer. I can’t wait to put that into full effect when I do my first television show. Now check the pictures and enjoy 😛

Thank you guys for passing by as usual 😉 Tam.

Press release: Songstress Tambu-christel releases new soulful r&b single, “Preach”.

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Songstress Tambu-christel releases new soulful r&b single, “Preach”

Los Angeles, CA — Emerging singer and songwriter Tambu-christel has announced the release of her highly anticipated soulful r&b ballad titled, “Preach.” Released under the direction of her label, Daniel Strong Entertainment, the new single captures Tambu’s beautifully delivered vocals and the soulful groove of old school r&b influences. “Preach” is currently available on iTunes at:

Written by Tambu, the new single – a perfectly crafted track that successfully showcases her vocal style was produced by KeyChainz and reveals a classic love story about being in love with that special someone in your life. With this latest track, “Preach” has quickly become one of Tambu-christel’s most popular songs. As a former X-Factor contestant, she has proven to be an exceptionally talented artists who continues to push the envelope with her unique voice and songwriting ability

Tambu-christel on Preach:

“The song talks about messing around with someone for a certain amount of time yet coming to realisation that the fun is coming to an end. So, I’m singing to that person saying that if we’re going to mess around one last time. It has to be right,” said Tambu-christel. “This song was originally released in 2010 and was nominated for best R&B at the Hollywood Music in Media Awards in 2011 among other organizations. Due to it’s popularity I plan to add a fresh touch to it, and shoot a music video for this beautiful ballad in the near future.”

Known for her charismatic style and ability to connect with her fans through her lyrics, Tambu-christel’s music is a wonderful reflection of what fans can anticipate from her forthcoming album. With recent appearances in London at the MOBO Awards and the Longchamp/Vogue Party, she is now gearing up for the release of her next single, “Light Your Candle,” and several concert performances.

Thank you,

My music video “Light Your Candle” behind the scenes in pictures.

Dear strong ones,

I have been up and down the country working and new music, live performances and videos will land on this website in the near future.

I had the pleasure to shoot my first music video last week which is my next single titled “Light Your Candle”.

The song will be available online later this week and the video will follow. For now enjoy the pictures below.

The day was…. It was…. Freeeeeezzziinnggg!!! I mean I’m grateful and all but not again!! These music videos require appreciate clothing to match the weather because deaarrrr lord I couldn’t feel any of my body parts!! Nonneeee!!
The video featured my husband and it was shot in Camden, London.

Stay tuned for the audio. Stay tuned for the video. I would like to say thank you again for checking my website religiously and keeping yourselves informed about my musical journey.

Last but not least let me share a couple of selfie I took once I’ve reached home that day!!

Your girl,

Dear lord, my heart is bleeding – #ChibokGirls #BringBackOurGirls

Guys, I’m here crying. I can’t take this.
Ever since the beginning of it months ago, I’ve made sure to keep informed. Our family marched at the embassy. I’ve blogged, instagram’ed and tweeted. All I have are tears.

Many may argue that we should have known it’d go this way but none shall be blamed for having hope! No, I am not Nigerian but this story stab my stomach ever since it happened I’ve changed the way I see the world. My fear our children, communities, generation and education!!

Today as I do my weekly research and update on our African sisters…the following is what I found 😥

Rebel leader reveals fate of Nigeria’s Chibok girls

Nov. 4 (GIN)—Hopes kindled by Nigeria’s President Goodluck Jonathan of a deal struck with the Boko Haram terror group for the release of some 200 girl students were dashed last week by a video just released by Boko Haram leader Abubakar Sheka.

In the video, Shekau denies the existence of any deal with Nigerian officials. Further, he said, the schoolgirls will never be released, because they’ve been given as wives to Boko fighters.

“The issue of the girls is long forgotten because I have long ago married them off,” he said, laughing, according to a journalist who viewed the video. “In this war,” he said in Hausa, the local dialect, “there is no going back.”

He also ridiculed published reports of a secret meeting between Nigeria’s security forces and an envoy from Boko Haram named Danladi Ahmadu.

“We don’t know that liar and fake Danladi Ahmadu … We have nothing to do with him, and our war is not ending. Expect more … There is no retreat in this Jihad. Allah is with us, and we are succeeding.”

The plight of Nigeria’s women and girls has been detailed in a new report from Human Rights Watch published in London, which noted that Boko Haram has abducted more than 500 women and girls since 2009.

“A few weeks ago, all of us at Kechie’s Project were excited and extremely hopeful after hearing the news that the Nigerian military had agreed to a truce with Boko Haram that would lead to the release of the over 200 Nigerian girls abducted from the Chibok School,” said Nkechi Ogbodo, president Kechie’s Project, Inc. “Our organizations, along with others, have labored greatly to stay on the issue to ensure that our girls are not forgotten. However, today, we are heartbroken upon hearing the news that our girls have been married off, yet again dashing our hopes that we may ever see our girls.”

God sees me now. My heart is broken!! Dear god, spiritually save your daughters in jesus name amen 😥 give them the knowledge that a better life is waiting for them after Satan’s system vanishes. Dear god, give our sisters each other. Please make it that they are able to bond together, team together,  work together and support each other just so they don’t feel alone against these vile men (animals). Dear god jehovah, I pray to you to make these girls love each other, confined each other, rely on one another to get through their day to day challenges.

The only few things left they have is you and each other against the terror they are surrounded by, father. I pray to you that you take these girls away to a safer place until the new system is put in place. Soothe the heart of our sisters’ parents with your presence. Soothe the mothers’ anguish by reminding them that this world we are living in is the devil’s world. It is the place all the pain they are going through is made to be as we are doomed to suffer on earth HOWEVER make the family of our sisters be aware that the end of this suffering shall come. That only the faithful and righteous shall triumph and you have already professed and arranged for them to be reunited with their loved ones. You already defeated the evil and wicked. You have already planned for these beautiful girls to have the better life they deserve. In your name we shall pray and reach out to jehovah my lord!! In jesus name, amen.


Striving for a simple life and spiritual awareness.

Hi dear strong ones,

I’m writing this post because I’m feeling a few changes in me. I am sharing this particular post because these changes seem stronger than me as if they are out of my control. I’m embracing this transition because it’s gearing towards humbleness, spiritually growth and necessity. I used to be a big spender, I didn’t study my bible the way I do now and I was a materialistic person.

I’ve asked jehovah to change me and make me more like the person he wants me to be. I’ve asked god to give me peace and handed my troubles to him and I’ve asked him to help me get rid of all the bad habits I had to make me a better person and here I am seeing all the changes right here in full effect!!

I’m still and will always be a sinner due to the system we live in. I will always go through pains because we are in the devils playground and pains and suffering is the way of life in this system. It’s only going to get worse until the end comes so i pray and ask God to help me deal with these factors we live everyday.

I never ask God for anything but help to strengthen my ways and jehovah always see me through!! Always!! I cam feel him in me. The holy spirit does not give up on its children. Never.

In addition to this spiritual growth, I must admit that I used to be overly materialistic. Don’t get me wrong, you will catch me shopping. You will see me wear new items however I approach things differently now. I only buy what I believe I need instead of going for all the things I want. I also look at price tags instead of throwing everything in the chart.
These things may seems pointless or irrelevant to some of you readers but I couldn’t sleep without writing this post.

Now, many may argue that due to my line of work this particular post may be contradictory. Yes, the world of entertainment is full of “fakery” and extravagant rented things but the beauty of being an independent artist is that I gave myself the opportunity to rise in my field while somehow taking a look at to figure out what I want to be known for. I can also decide the level/amount of involvement I want to have in this business. As well as all that, I’m in full control of my image.

My spiritual journey is more important than popularity so ultimately I wish to be successful enough to fund my family daily way of life without having my face all over the gossip magazine.

I cherish my private life yet I love performing. It’s about balance. I’ll figure it out.

Thank you lord for listening to me and helping me become a better person, parent, woman, wife and daughter. Thank you for everything that you do.

Thanks to all the readers for your time.

Yours truly,