Studio life: Westpoint Studios.

Hey Strong Ones,

I feel like I haven’t posted a personal note here in forever!!

I hope that you all beautiful people are well and that life is treating you nice enough. Never forget that the simple things are to be treating just as importantly as the rest. Always be grateful for the things you have because someone out there has much less. Gratitude is the way forward guys. And, I don’t want to hear/read anything in the line of “It’s easy for you to say because you have so much.” because such way of thinking is poisonous.

Free you mind and show god that things he gives you are important and that you are thankful for the love he shows you. Do not insult him, yourself, your parents and other important figures in your life by displaying disrespectful manner in the way you express yourself or behave in any circumstances. Always be grateful and humble to the best of your abilities.


This said, I’m back to the studio. Yes, I’ve changed recording studios again and we’re now in Westpoint Studios. The reason why I do that is because different establishments give me different vibes. I want my album to reflect different sides or me. I want to explore my vocal abilities in different ways as well as my production skills, my writing skills and overall musical directions.
It’s exciting and I am proud to be able to do that. I’m taking my time to deliver something I’ll be able to carry a long way. Plus, I really want a Grammy!!


Anyhow, below are some pictures of myself meeting the new team and chilling with my cousin in the studio (first cousin from dad side). More pictures and many videos will come!! Thank you all for being loving and always checking up on me. I’m grateful for you all. Thank you!

Oh… and yes, I’ve cut my hair!! But, we’ll talk about that on another post 😉 take care 😛

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