Remembering Daniel Strong.


“DANIEL STRONG SCANNELL born on the 14th of March was baptised in the name of the father, and of the son, and of the Holy Spirit on the 29th of March by the Revd….”

Before everybody else it was me and you. Before your sisters, it was me and you.

Through the grief and sadness of loosing you people related to you biological dad and himself said that you’ve never lived. They shouted that you were nobody to be dealt with. Apparently the footage of you are fake. Apparently the certificates and other documents claiming your life are fraudulent. Apparently my memories of you and the things we’ve shared were fantasies that I’ve created to get attention. Apparently the issues regarding my mental health are so grand that I created everything from your conception to your live then death due to the high level of my psychological disorder. Which is apparently so great that I’m not even aware of it. Also, people who thought were wise told to to get over it. Get over you. Why am I affected by this fabricated story of mine. What is wrong with me? This isn’t normal. Apparently I should get a grip and move on. Just get yourself together stop pretending you’ve had an imaginary petty loss. Just move on.

ALL THESE PEOPLE ASIDE, my dear Daniel, you’re the best yet traumatic experience in my life. I’ll forever love you and cherish you. I’ll forever count you in. I’ll forever love you more than I love myself. I’ll forever talk about you. I’ll forever remember you. To anybody related to the negative side of my son’s blood line, Daniel is the best “fabricated and fraudulent fantasy” I’ve ever created in my lifeand may the Lord allow us to meet again soon. I know that you’re safe where you are.

LET’S TALK LOVE AND SENSE NOW, I’m forever grateful for everysingle one of you who showed me and my family nothing but love and respect ever since create @danielstrongent in 2009  I try to give back as much as I can by doing giveaways and other random contests. I try to listen to yall as much I as can. I try to be as helpful as yall have been with me as often as I can. Thank you all for all that you do. I honestly have nothing but love to share with you all.

…and to the newbies hey there!! How you doing 😛

Yours truly,

Merchandise from Daniel Strong Entertainment!

We are thrilled to let you know that our merchandise is live and kicking at

We have decided to show you the packaging and share with you the delivery process. Those who have already ordered theirs know about it so let’s inform the future customers.

First, go to shop.danielstrongent.come to make your order. You have the option to checkout using PayPal or enter your bank details. After putting your address in and typing other information you will be asked to review the items in your basket where you will have an option to add “gift” packaging which is currently an additional £4. You will also have delivery options. You can go for a standard delivery or an express one. Delivery time is between 3-7days depending on where your place of residence is and the type of delivery you’ve chosen. Express delivery takes about 2-3days as the first day is to sort out your items. Mind you, standard delivery is used with DHL so you will have a recorded number emailed to you via email.

Check our below for the pictures we’ve shared today:

This was a standard delivery option with the gift package option. I’ve got a hoodie, a cap and items for my daughters. Daniel Strong Entertainment Limited does merchandise for children from babies to teenagers.

For more pictures follow us on instagram and twitter @danielstrongent

Thank you for reading this post,
Daniel Strong Entertainment Limited