Month: July 2015

♥ Him.

Via instagram. Him ❤ I don’t know how to explain what can’t be explained but felt. I don’t know everything about everything but I know how it feels. Manhood is glory. womenhood is precious. Morals and values shall guide us both and bring us love in abundance. You are beautiful.

My journey as a presenter.

Good afternoon guys, Let’s talk about my journey as a presenter!! First and foremost, I would like tell you that it was great dipping onto something new!! Not only was it brilliant but I happen to be great at it!! Therefore, I’ve decided to do more of them and I’m

Tambu the ‘Live TV Presenter’.

To be added to the biography – Live TV Presenter Thank you for being here with me and witness my professional and personal growth each time. I’m adding to my never ending resume that I am also a ‘Live TV Presenter’. I am thankful to the organisation who allowed me

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