Never loose yourself to make someone else feel comfortable.


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Something I know in life is this… when we care for the things we have (or believe we have) we would do just about anything to keep it. It could be a job, a relationship with friends and family or a partner.

What I’ve learned this year is that nothing worth having should make me question my ability to do anything or be anything. Don’t get me wrong I’m very aware of the fact that I’m not perfect and that I need to grow professionally and in myself to become a better version of myself with love and knowledge.

I lost touch of who i was and “my worth” for a long time. Any malicious person who could see that vulnerability in me at that time had the upper hand to be manipulative. I did recognise it sometimes but when I did? I didn’t care. I was a broken.

Thankfully, it comes to a point when you’re able to break out of it. You’re no longer entertaining things that aren’t worth it, aren’t matching your character, aren’t getting you nowhere and most importantly you stay away from the negative energy and ppl who make you unhappy. Some people manage to make you feel as though the way you feel isn’t normal and it will only be temporary happiness. Well, say no to that.

If a person is trying to convince you that your duty is to fight for them and they ain’t fighting for you constantly? Say no to that.

If the good things just disappeared and got replaced with excuses? Get the fuck out of that.

Only give as much as you get. If you give a lot then get a lot. By the time you see yourself giving so much that it drains you? Get… Out…!

You shall not kill yourself softly over a job, friends and family or a man. Never!

2015 was the year of recognition. The importance of self love. I am important. I will treat all my situations as important but I will not allow anything or anyone to manipulate a situation that makes me feel like I’m not important and worthy.

Love yourselves ladies, you’re all you’ve got. If you’ve got kids, know what you are teaching them. Break the cycle now.

Love, Tam.

Music industry Christmas event.


Christmas and new year eve are here. That time of the year that everybody take advantage of to celebrate until they lose all senses. I’m not that bad though and my faith doesn’t believe in Christmas celebrations. However, I was invited to an event from a music industry party so I decided to go and bring my friend and stylist, Jessica.

The night went well. We had a good time. The party was all free drinks so we took advantage of that 😉 the music was good and the food was awesome.

Check the pictures below and to those who celebrate Christmas, Merry Christmas to you and your family!

Yours truly,
Tam ♥

A day out with KissFM.

Good morning dear strong ones!!

I hope that you and yours are doing wonderfully. I forgot to post this post at the time of the event but I am doing so now.


My daughter Tara and I had the pleasure to experience a magic time with KissFM in London. I loved the day because my daughter let out her “director in chief” side of her hang out!! We were all given headphones gear to listen to the performers music and Tara wanted to check the artists before and after their sets. She wanted to make sure the cameras were on point. She had the right volumes in headphones. She was so great that I felt really honoured to witness her passion for great work come through.

About KissFM
Kiss is a UK radio station which is broadcasting on FM and National DAB, specialising in hip hopR&Burban andelectronic dance music. It also broadcasts onDAB Digital Radio around the UK & nationally on FreeviewSky and Virgin Media. Owned byHamburg based Bauer Media Group, Kiss forms part of Bauer’s National portfolio of radio brands. Kiss spin-off brands includeKisstory and Kiss Fresh.

Thanks for reading,
Tam ♥

Words from Brandy: “No validation needed.”


As you can see in this video, Brandy has clearly grown to embrace new prospectives in life and I love this short clip.

The reason why I decided to share this particular one is because a lot of people ask me or simply wonder and gossip my profession. People want to know what I do and how I get money. They know that I work in entertainment etc but they narrow minded selves don’t understand that you don’t need to be famous to live a life you love to live in the entertainment business. These people are ignorant to me but the point that I wanted to make is that my happiness comes first. I don’t need validation to prove anything to anyone.

I feel very blessed to live a beautiful life and enjoy the beautiful journeys the music industry has allowed me to experience. I’m proud of myself for creating my dream career for myself. I’m thankful to everybody who supports me and I’m hoping that I explore more of who i am and the things I could achieve in life with absolutely no pressure at all.

Thank you all for reading my words.

Your girl,
Tam ♥

Working with Daniel Strong Entertainment: Fun & flexibility.


Working with Daniel Strong Entertainment Limited is a new feature that I’ve introduced a month ago. The idea behind it is to motivate and inspire young professionals to get to their dreams. In this episode I express that self-employment has been beneficial for my household. I state that parenthood is a very big part of who i am therefore my choice in forming a business.

I also mention the fun factors about my music firm and why I enjoy doing what I do with Daniel Strong Entertainment Limited.

Check the video here: Fun & Flexibility.

Working with Daniel Strong Entertainment: Living in cities that never sleep.


Working with Daniel Strong Entertainment Limited is a new feature that I’ve introduced a month ago. The idea behind it is to motivate and inspire young professionals to get to their dreams. In this episode I point out the advantages and disadvantages of living in a big city.

When doing business, you always seek motivation and inspiration. Your sleeping pattern is all over the place. You are eager. You’re hungry for more and you can’t wait to get to the place you believe you should end up in. All this requires work to achieve whatever you want to get.

Big cities are not only inspiring but they are full of opportunities and this fact alone is almost all you need, opportunities!

Check out the video here: Living in cities that never sleep.

Black love.

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BLACK LOVE – A man told me that he would never date anything else than a black woman. He loves women. Respects women. He’s a man who thinks that a black man who mistreat a black woman doesn’t love himself. Doesn’t love his mum. I told him that I was colour blind when it comes to dating. I believe in chemistry but the reality is that the more I grew the more I felt like even though I can date out… Even though I may enjoy dating out… I love my chocolate but does our chocolate love us?

I look around and my sisters are left single mothers, neglected, their children have no kings to aspire to be like so they turn out slaves.

Different countries with different cultures. This man wasn’t English. He wasn’t. This man said that a man who blames a black woman’s “behaviour” to mistreat her is full of excuse. He could just leave her if he respect the beauty of them but wasn’t attracted to a particular one.

Being pro-black isn’t being anti white. I love all but I prefer my tea black with one sugar. This man lived long enough to understand the true meaning of black love. Black love is more than big chests and butts on women. Black love is more than a reputation of big body parts on men but it is what our race has been reduce to.

To all my sisters who suffered from a brother, I love you. You are beautiful. I am sorry your heart, mind and body was violated. I pray you find a good strong man who will protect you. You are not responsible for the way they treated you. I love you. Trust me sis, there are beautiful men out there.

With love always,
Tam ♥

You’re beautiful ♥

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I woke this morning and thought about the things I’ve wished for. I witness so many result products of lack of proper upbringing and delusional beings that managed to convince themselves that the way they live is right. I feared I’d meet another like this because i know that id leave simply because im not like that and i dont associate myself with people, projects and environment that doesn’t somehow reflect a part of who i am.

You came along. Courage and bravery defined you. Physical and mental strength, you’re beautiful.

I always say that’s not having problems, the problem but the eay you deal with them that reveals your true character. At this point we all have problems. Some of us have it worst then others. Your ability to solve problems is intelligence. Never running away even when you fear is a true inspiration. I want your arms around me for the rest of my life. – Tambu-christel

Christmas fashion show by the British Red Cross.


We all know what the British Red Cross is about. They have been one of the many organisations who try their best to help those in need all over the world.

The fashion show was help in effort to raise money for the causes that British Red Cross are involved in. The clothes worn by the models that evening were for sale and all the funds were then given to help those in need.

Designers included Linda Bennett, Daniel Blake, Valerie Corona, Orla Kiely, Kelly Simpkin, Paul Slade, the most anticipated woman of the night Amanda Wakeley and Judy Wu.

The event took good care of everybody who attended and the location was well chosen. The show was a success and the people in attendance were amazing and polite. Thank you for having me and my beautiful friend and stylist Jessica Nanteza.

Jessica and I had a brilliant time at the show so we decided to do a little after party of our own. We always have great times together and discuss things that matters to one another. It is hard to meet people that connects with you on a genuine level so when you find them, keep them.

We added more fun, alcohol and laughter to our evening. Everything was just perfect. Look at the pictures below and come back to my website soon!

With love always,
Tam ♥

Working with Daniel Strong Entertainment: Remaining Truthful In Your Endeavours.


Working with Daniel Strong Entertainment Limited is a new feature that I’ve introduced a month ago. The idea behind it is to motivate and inspire young professionals to get to their dreams. In this episode I’ve say that so many people are busy creating a income/business for themselves that they lie about who they are because they know that the reality of themselves and the way they live isn’t going to be appealing the clients so why not neglect the truth to make that extra money.

As much as I shouldn’t worry about these type of individuals, I talk about it to let people know that I am not one of them. I’m very aware of my strengths and weaknesses and I am open about them because I made the choice to aspire to inspire. I’ve had fears and doubt. I’m human after all but through it all I remain as honest as possible with myself and I hope to stay that way for the rest of my career.

Watch the video here: Remaining Truthful In Your Endeavours.

Working with Daniel Strong Entertainment: A Thought On Education.


Working with Daniel Strong Entertainment Limited is a new feature that I’ve introduced a month ago. The idea behind it is to motivate and inspire young professionals to get to their dreams. In this episode I speak about the importance of education.

We don’t just advice people to do things because it is the right thing to do. We use our lives to tell them that it may be hard to do certain things in life and overcome certain obstacles but we won our battles therefore we know they can do it or better than we did it. Sometimes people don’t want to get advice from people who “have no clue about certain things” so we focus on the things we did live, went through and overcame therefore we do have knowledge on the matters and we’re able to give organic real life take on the things we share.

For education, just know that I’ve graduated from secondary school/high school and college I’m now at university doing two degrees. Here is my HND if it can encourage you all and click here to watch the video on YouTube: A Thought On Education.