The love of my life.

Via instagram @tambuchristel

I didn’t know what love was, before I met you. I’m thankful everyday that God sent you. I wondered why me? Why was I deserving and worthy until I put the past behind and allowed love to flow through me. Allowed you to be my blessing my one and only.

I’m lost in you and I refuse to be found. I’m in love with you and refuse to let go. I will do everything in my power to do to make our family last and i know you’ll do the same. Now that I have you I don’t wanna ever have to miss you and be appart from you and I know you feel the same.

Your love is unmatched. Intelligent and educated. Driven and ambitious. You’re everything I dreamt off and God blessed me with your presence. Baby, you’re my best friend. Your love make me cry of joy. Your love is proof there’s a God. I don’t want anyone on my body but you. I don’t want to feel no other lips than yours.

Thank you for being a man of strength. You’re mental and emotional strength inspire me. I’m honoured you chose me to take this journey with you for the rest of our lives.

If this is a dream, I don’t want to wake up. You bring the best in me and I’ll cater to you with everything that I am. Forever my one and only. Tam ♥