Month: May 2016

Let’s achieve our goals!

Good morning world, Are you all ready to make it happen this year? I send love and courage your way!! Write below what your plans are/were and if you have achieved them yet!! Let’s go! Advertisements

Two months. Two weeks. Two days.

You’d never know the things that “Lies Behind Those Eyes”. The past two months showed me how far I was willing to go to fight for my life and my sanity. To claim my happiness. To embrace myself, my family and value my worth. Today, more than ever, I know

Buy “Worth More” on iTunes!!

Hi everyone, Worth MoreĀ is now on iTunes click on the following link to purchase it: Buy Worth More. Not only is the single out on iTunes but it is also available in GooglePlay and TIDAL. Thank you all for showing love and support to my journey and I am looking

Hello world!

Hello world, I am alive and well! It has been a minute since I’ve written to you but I am indeed alive and well. A lot of things have happened in my life since January 2016. I’ve learnt to love and value myself in ways I didn’t before. I’ve met

The making of “Worth More”.

Thank you all for tuning in!! I would like to start off by wishing you all brilliant health and happiness. I will then carry on by sharing the journey of making my single Worth More. Have a listen here. Credit: T.McCaghrey(BMI)/O.Agca(BUMA)/M.Harmon(ASCAP) Lyrics by Tambu-christel McCaghrey. All vocals, written, sang and

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