The making of “Worth More”.

Thank you all for tuning in!!

I would like to start off by wishing you all brilliant health and happiness. I will then carry on by sharing the journey of making my single Worth More. Have a listen here.



Lyrics by Tambu-christel McCaghrey.

All vocals, written, sang and arranged by Tambu-christel McCaghrey.

Instrumental by Omer Agca for Turreekk Beats.

Produced by Omer Agca for Turreekk Beats, Tambu-christel McCaghrey and Michael Harmon atSTUDIO Crash, Inc.

Recorded, mix and mastered by Michael Harmon at Studio Crash, Inc. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.


I am back in the studio and by the sound of it, I am musically matured tremendously!! I would like to thank Philadelphia for having me and giving me so much inspiraton.


The song was written the very same day it was recorded in April 2016. I wrote the song for my daughters. The message behind the song for me was that I travel a lot and we live a life as such entertainers that it may seem that I sacrifice a lot of the quality time we could have, in order to succeed professionally. I then tell them that I hope I never hear them tell me that I am to regret all the times I “left them”.

Even though this was my personal touch and experience. I’ve soon realised that the song could easily be for everybody. It could be a partner who works a lot and leave his wife home due to his career and vice versa. It could be teenagers to their parents or, like myself, a parent to their children. It could be a best friend to another. The song could be shared between siblings and family members.

I would like to give a big shout out to everybody who has supported me and my music. There is more to come!!


Thank you again for your support. You can get Worth More on iTunes any time!!

Make sure to follow myself on instagram at @tambuchristel and my baby label @danielstrongent

Have a blessed day Strong Ones!



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