Happy birthday to me.



Dear Tambu-christel Pembele,

You are going to be 29 years old on August 12th 2016. You have married and divorced to marry again. You have lived significant amounts of traumatic events in your life from child hood to adulthood but here you are standing making life, love and motherhood look easy. When everything shattered you managed to form your own business. Your humbleness is so bright that you never let it be known that you are an award nominee artist and an award winning business director. You went and accomplished academic triumph by getting your Bachelor Degree. When eveything seemed lost you found ways to travel the world and gain professional status while continuing to excel in the hard job that is being a single mother.


You work hard at being the best child to your parents. You value and love your father fo he is your best friend. You work hard in trying to make your family proud. You try your best to keep integrity, values, manners and selflessness.

Your strength is beyond measure. Forgive yourself for the things you had no control of. Challenging childhood. Grief of family members. Grieving your own son and first child. Running away from domestic violence. Raising three daughters by yourself without financial or emotional support from the person you had them with. Graduating from university. Professionally becoming what you wanted to become. You are financially stable and you made friends all over the globe who love you for who you are and what your heart offers. These friends, who are family, balance you out. Their love is free from all negative chains which makes your relationships pure and solid.


Today is the day you shall free yourself and let go of everything that doesn’t appreciate the phenomenal woman that you are. You are not perfect. You have so much more growth ahead of you but you are not hateful. You are not malicious. You are not evil. Instead, you love and you give.

Today is the day you shall be proud of yourself because you have survived and you habe done everything by yourself before the age of 30.


Today, Tambu-christel Pembele, you shall learn to take it easy on yourself. Acknowledge that you are only human. Accept that you xan not fix everything. Accept that you can noz make everybody love you. Accept that you have no power to make people see truth or morally right aspects of things. Be happy to be who you are and let go of everything that isn’t benefiting your energy.

Happy birthday to you Tambu as early as a month and a half. On your day, celebrate your greatness. Celebrate a new chapter. Celebrate your simplicity. Celebrate your beauty. Celebrate ypur inteligence. Celebrate you.


Happy birthday to you.

From you to you.