Throwback words from Tambu: “Whoopi Goldberg on appropriation.”

Posted on Instagram on July 2nd 2016.

WHOOPI: She is ABSOLUTELY right!! There is NO “ifs” and “buts” about it!! Whoopi is correct!! (1) some say that because white ppl took so much from us that taking their hair is appropriate or whalluva. These wigs/weaves Whoopi is talking about portray traits that ARE NOT of African heritage so why are we so ashamed to wear weaves of black textured styles?? No, women rather wear “becky with the good hair”!!

(2) Unless i watched the wrong video, what she said was that black women that wear “becky’s hair” are looking to do just that “have the good hair”. Rather than wearing weaves that reflect African natural hair styles.

(3) For who still dont agree with her and its fine… we can discuss the fact that African people do produce beings with blond hair and blue eyes WITHOUT the “help” of white genes in us. However, as much as we can talk about the fact that we produce blond hair too, our blond hair is AFRO. The concept of ‘relaxed indian hair’ is NOT african. I think that its delusional to pretend that a good percentage of our women are getting their weaves and wigs to resemble our ancerstors who had afro hair anyway regardless of the colour. Those who didn’t, were from mixed decents. I dont think women are even aware of the brainwash to be honest so its normal for them not to say “yes i wanna look white” BUT they do say “i have brazilian, malaysian hair etc in 6445689 inches!!” 

(4) Its NOT about the hair colour alone but ALSO the texture. We DO NOT naturally have brazilians, indians, malaysian hair. Period. You DON’T BUY Congolese hair, Nigerian hair or Mozambique hair! ☺☺☺ stay woke ppl lol

Throwback words from Tambu: “Jesse Williams BET speech.”

Posted on Instagram on July 1st 2016.

JESSE WILLIAMS: I think people are looking at it in the wrong way…. they purposly chose him because sadly it would attracted a wider audience. No matter how shallow that is to people it’s just simple. It’s the same thing with business you sell products to market target. I think they KNEW that if a black person took the stage white ppl wouldn’t pay it no mind. It would just be another nigger talking. Now a “light skin” man said it so they heard him.

This wasn’t for black people because we already knew. JESSE WILLIAMS PURPOSE WAS TO TELL WHITE PPL the message!!! NOT US!! So technically he did help HIS COMMUNITY by using his platform. In a team we all play our roles and if a woman needs to be the attraction, if a light skin man needs to be the sponsor or if an artist needs to be the face of a brand then guess what? We’re all eating!! Team work!! Some are in the office while the others promote and the others endorse and all that time the employees came to work and put in work everyday. It’s team work for the same cause!! What matters, to me, is that ppl heard it LOUDER. I dont give a shit how!! DO YOU KNOW WHO THE CEO OF YOUR COMPANY IS?? NO!! BUT HE STILL GETTING PAID THOUGH!!!! RIGHT!! OKAY!! 😕💭

SIDE NOTE: The same people shouting “we already knew” bla bla bla are the exact same people who killed fellow black people this year alone. Mistreated a bunch of women/men/or their own black kids this year alone. Bought a million designer stuff therefore gave money to “the white man” while they didn’t support their brothers or sisters who started their businesses THIS YEAR ALONE!! Some of yall are too damn MF backwards!! STFU!! 😴

Social media: Fun but unhealthy for many.

via Facebook.

Oh word? You forgot I was THEE smartest because I haven’t posted “essays” about life for a min.? Chile, I’m a writter. A very intellectually inclined one at that []. Maybe it’s time I write back on here because many of you done lost their damn minds on AND offline. Y’all get so easily distracted, it’s unreal. I hope that none of y’all look at me and think that I’m cool to “chill with”. I don’t do “chill with” shit.

While you see me post shenanigans and talk irrelevance… I’m out here getting degrees (my second Bachelor and one Masters). I’m out here organizing the launch or a shoe brand. I’m out here recording. I’m out here supporting fellow  black women’s business. I’m out here preparing press. All that while raising three young girls and taking care of my daily/monthly committments.

“Focus” is the word I have for you all today. Smh.

Hey dear readers,

Thank you again for passing by. You never forget to come through and see what’s good and I am Thankful for that.

Today I want to share a concern. I feel like many people starve for the things they don’t have by fantasising about life styles that only showcases the rewards gained through hard work but not the work it took to get these results which is clearly unhealthy. For the most part it influences the mass to think that many people get certain things without working extremaly hard.

The unheathly part is that, unfortunately, the society we will in has a growing percentage of people who aren’t close to their family members. They may not have great or any friends. And, many people suffer from depression, anxiety and lack self-esteem. I am not mad at anyone being successful but the people looking in from an outsider point of view need to understand that a lot of work goes in to prepare products. Practice crafts and put ideas into profitable income.

Nobody that is successul (or gearing to be successful) stays home all day taking selfies without making sure they didn’t post a particular letter. Replied to a certain email. Check inventories. Praticed for their exams. Fed their kids. Paid their rent and bills. A lot of people remain responsible when you are not looking. Do not be fooled. Those who tell you not to pay rent this month and/or take a certain narcotic, did pay their rent own rent this month and they have probably never touched any drugs and drink still water from France everyday.

None of it is easy!! Do not be distracted by the things you see on social media and fade away from your own goals. Your own peace. Your own finances.

Remember a day is 24 hours but an Instagram video is only 60seconds. Snap videos are 10 seconds and Vines are 30seconds. A day is 24 hours guys, 24! In those hours more things happen than 5pictures!

Be entertained by all means but do not loose yourself in it. Do not jeoprodise your work or studies. Do not neglect your comitments. Remain focus and weight in what is and isn’t realistic to a healthy way of living.

Yours truly,


Delusion? Confusion? or both?!

via Facebook.

A man (I won’t tag them) wrote: “I hate black women with a European mindset”. To be honest I was gon’ reply: “You’re just mad because they just don’t want you.”

Then I thought, I’m tired of CERTAIN (not all) Afro-americans being delusional as shit. I repeat NOT ALL but maaanyyy!! So here it is: “To be fair, Afro americans are culturally AMERICANS which is technically EUROPEANS. Yes, it’s normal and logical because you left Africa 500years ago and got ripped off your initial culture and self. However, here you are now!! Don’t call on other blacks for “technically” being like you but in different ways. BEFORE YOU COME FOR ME… DON’T unless you’re african (and maybe afro carribean) the rest is IN FACT american in mind and culture. Now, as much as I DO UNDERSTAND what quotes like these are supposed to mean. I personally think that you just wanted to call out on someone who just don’t have the same opinion as you. WISDOM is also accepting that opinions will differ from a person to the next YET be mature enough to keep it moving. Calling out on the world is a form of weakness and/or insecurity and/or discomfort within one’s self.”

This is without the factual truth that ALL some of you know about yourselves were told to you by THE WHITE MAN. The research many of you do come from the books and articles given to you to BY THE WHITE MAN. Many black people teaching are giving you information that are results of research they gathered essentially provided BY THE WHITE MAN. Therefore, you allowed THE WHITE MAN to tell you about your damn self!! Let somebody ask you to go to Africa and find out shit and you will start bugging!! Let an African man teach you something and you will call him a liar!! Imma let your BLACK ASS be great though.

Yup, from your girl (me) but carry on. Seriously ridiculous to me now.

Love, Tam.

Interests in academic knowledge.

I would like to thank both the establishments that allowed me to be able to say that i have a degree in Business management: Entrepreneurship 🎓📚 I wanted to carry on and get my masters and PhD in that subject to become a expert in stock markets and become a professor one day to teach in big universities BUT my awareness about social matters/issues, my infatuation with mental health and curiousity regarding law when in comes to individuals and their right… grew. I was introduced to a “Psychologie and Law” degree in September last year! It now makes sense that my passion for people and their behaviour gets to the next level. Im not only doing a degree in Psychology and Law, I am going all the way to my doctorate in social psychology in hope that my journey towards my doctorat gives me the knowledge I am lacking to professionally inform and help MORE than I am able to now. Wish me luck ❤

Psycholgy and Law

What is inteligence?

Mental abilites: innate or the outcome of learning?

Calculating the IQ… when I did my degree in business management we looked at whether the EQ was just as important as a person’s IQ. What are your thoughts and why?
Thank you all for reading my words always. I am deeply grateful for you all. Wish me luck and I shall write to you all again soon!!

E for ego.

As a woman it’s hard to see a man try to get out of his own ways and/or witness him try to get the jobs he dreams of and/or be part of his growth. However, truth be told a lot of them are not in synch with the person they are and who they wish they were.

This year alone i found my self telling men the following:

“I’ve been around you for some time. I’ve seen you and your environment. I’ve witnessed various angles of your worth ethic. I love you and our friendship/relationship/intimacy/work partnership. But,

1. the truth is that you will never come out of this town, city or state because you are not trully putting the work to.”

2. you will never get a better woman than the ones you have had because you don’t deserve a true queen. You may look good but your heart is foul. The things you offer match what the women you encoutered define as happiness and satifaction. Yes, the vulnerable one. Yes, the fatherless ones. You need to leave your ego at the door because no queen will want you by the time your mask will fall off so stop pressuring yourself to impress what will eventually break. The games you play aren’t something a true sister believes in or want her children to be around. “Meet the requirements of your requirements” and you are exatcly where you need to be. Yes, with “her”. The one your ego managed to make you believe was somehow below what you think you “deserve”.”

3. you will never be a professional well paid rapper.”

4. you will never be a succesfull and renown producer.”

5. if you don’t pull yourself together whether that’s for you, your wife, your children and your overall sanity and healthier way of life… you will die inside and this is going to be “it” for the rest of your life.”

Yours sincerly,


V for vulnerable.

​”A man who has nowhere to stay will show you all type of love while searching for the woman he truly wants. Don’t be a homeless shelter. Rent paid with sex and false promises fucking up your emotions because you are only the survival option.” – Tam.

Single mother are by nature vulnerable. They have a place to stay but no man to guard it. They have children to raise but no man to protect them. They starve for love often at all the wrong places for all the wrong reasons. It makes things worse if she doesn’t have a relationship with her father. 

Men know this ladies. They know. Let me guess, he is going to move in with you. He isn’t like the other men you’ve met before. He is going to speak to you with (what seems to be) an extended vocabulary so you feel like he isn’t like these other guy “in/from the hood”. He will be the father your children never had. He will give you the love you never had. And together, you will prove to the world that you did make it and they were wrong for questioning your “relationship”. 

I care a lot for many of the girls on my timeline and I understand that it feels like there are so many dickheads out there that we might as well pick one and hope for the best. Forget the betrayals and live as though “shit happens”. A lot of you took these men from their previous partners so you cant fail now. A few of you allowed these men to lead you on for years and fear that if you give up now “what was all the waiting for?” and you cant accept that you may have wasted your time. Some of you are just full of self esteem issues. Some of you just don’t know any better. 

I wont name and shame y’all both men and women. Y’all are grown. Y’all are products of your enviromnents. Y’all are the one who will be on the streets if you don’t play the game. A man once told me “I had no business telling these men to leave if they were unhappy until they found the woman they wanted because i’m not the one who would be on the street.” This man followed to say “You’re here throwing all this knowledge but at the end of the day you are home in peace you dont understand. We gotta do what we gotta do.” 

All this is INCREDIBLY direspectful to my beautiful sisters out there. However, I’ve known women who didn’t mind sleeping with a married man either. So yes, it is none of my business what y’all do BUT this further add to my ideas of many of you and your disfuntions and lack or morals or manners. As he said though, meanwhile y’all are grinding your way to the top…I’m at home chilling.

Be safe out there,


Do black women matter? (Especially in America & England)

Taken from Tambu-christel’s facebook.

I’ve had the most touching yet disgusting factual conversations with so many of my beautiful sisters over the past few months about the way men (for the most part) are treating us as a whole. Just typing this made me cry. The level of disappointment is so big that i tried to make a video and i broke down.

I rant about a few things and the way i express myself sometimes makes people wonder if i am serious or if a laugh will break out at the end. No, there is no laugh here. The sad part is that even though these stories came from close ones, family and myself…a part of me still didn’t want to make it like it is a serious problem.

Today two sisters told me that the protest made them realise a few things about black men in regards to black women. I cut them off and I said, by the way when is the last time these black men marched for us? We get killed. We get raped. Our kids are unprotected. Don’t we need “our men” to stand up?

I don’t think that dividing us more than we already are is what we need. However, being a black woman is America is not only a problem because the government made it that way. It is essentiay a problem because men treat us the way they do.

Saying “WELL IT’S BOTH WAYS” only does what #Alllivesmatter does to #BlackLivesMatter and you are, to me part of the problem. All I see it’s abuse. Emotional and verbal abuse. My sisters crying. Every week one of us is crying. Every week.

We all like different type of men.

We all live in different neighborhoods.

Different cities and age. Different tastes and attribute but we get the same result. Tears. Over and over again. Doubts. Questions. We have to settle because: “Look around. Who else are you gon get. Might as well pick one and chill. I mean he aint as great as but at least he isnt like such and such.”

Don’t tell me “We are not all the same!!” because 8/10 your homie is…. are you checking him? When he comes to tell you about his fuckery are you telling him #Blacklivesmatter #blackwomenmatter or you laugh and entertain him? I had enough. Some of us are NOT single but it doesn’t stop us from feeling a sister’s pain!!