Month: July 2016

Throwback words from Tambu: “Whoopi Goldberg on appropriation.”

Posted on Instagram on July 2nd 2016. WHOOPI: She is ABSOLUTELY right!! There is NO “ifs” and “buts” about it!! Whoopi is correct!! (1) some say that because white ppl took so much from us that taking their hair is appropriate or whalluva. These wigs/weaves Whoopi is talking about portray

Throwback words from Tambu: “Jesse Williams BET speech.”

Posted on Instagram on July 1st 2016. JESSE WILLIAMS: I think people are looking at it in the wrong way…. they purposly chose him because sadly it would attracted a wider audience. No matter how shallow that is to people it’s just simple. It’s the same thing with business you

Social media: Fun but unhealthy for many.

via Facebook. Oh word? You forgot I was THEE smartest because I haven’t posted “essays” about life for a min.? Chile, I’m a writter. A very intellectually inclined one at that []. Maybe it’s time I write back on here because many of you done lost their damn minds on

Delusion? Confusion? or both?!

via Facebook. A man (I won’t tag them) wrote: “I hate black women with a European mindset”. To be honest I was gon’ reply: “You’re just mad because they just don’t want you.” Then I thought, I’m tired of CERTAIN (not all) Afro-americans being delusional as shit. I repeat NOT

Interests in academic knowledge.

I would like to thank both the establishments that allowed me to be able to say that i have a degree in Business management: Entrepreneurship 🎓📚 I wanted to carry on and get my masters and PhD in that subject to become a expert in stock markets and become a

E for ego.

As a woman it’s hard to see a man try to get out of his own ways and/or witness him try to get the jobs he dreams of and/or be part of his growth. However, truth be told a lot of them are not in synch with the person they

V for vulnerable.

​”A man who has nowhere to stay will show you all type of love while searching for the woman he truly wants. Don’t be a homeless shelter. Rent paid with sex and false promises fucking up your emotions because you are only the survival option.” – Tam. Single mother are

Do black women matter? (Especially in America & England)

Taken from Tambu-christel’s facebook. I’ve had the most touching yet disgusting factual conversations with so many of my beautiful sisters over the past few months about the way men (for the most part) are treating us as a whole. Just typing this made me cry. The level of disappointment is

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