Interests in academic knowledge.

I would like to thank both the establishments that allowed me to be able to say that i have a degree in Business management: Entrepreneurship ğŸŽ“ğŸ“š I wanted to carry on and get my masters and PhD in that subject to become a expert in stock markets and become a professor one day to teach in big universities BUT my awareness about social matters/issues, my infatuation with mental health and curiousity regarding law when in comes to individuals and their right… grew. I was introduced to a “Psychologie and Law” degree in September last year! It now makes sense that my passion for people and their behaviour gets to the next level. Im not only doing a degree in Psychology and Law, I am going all the way to my doctorate in social psychology in hope that my journey towards my doctorat gives me the knowledge I am lacking to professionally inform and help MORE than I am able to now. Wish me luck ❤

Psycholgy and Law

What is inteligence?

Mental abilites: innate or the outcome of learning?

Calculating the IQ… when I did my degree in business management we looked at whether the EQ was just as important as a person’s IQ. What are your thoughts and why?
Thank you all for reading my words always. I am deeply grateful for you all. Wish me luck and I shall write to you all again soon!!

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