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Thank you all so much for all that you do. Whether it is ‘following’ me on social media or supporting my blog posts or just talking about me to your peers about whatever it is you mention about me, thank you.

The people who follow this website know that I was part of the group full of beautiful people who received the honour to attend a day at VEVO headquaters in London. Well, around that time my VEVO account was created and many people asked what the hell I was waiting for to put a video up!! The truth is I did shoot a video for a song of mine called “Light Your Candle” but the director and I didn’t have the same vision and disagreements kept adding on so the music video for this song never saw the light.

I believe in patience to an extent and the saying “What is for you, will be for you.” As well as ‘what isn’t for you, won’t be.”

With that said, although I lost a lot of money, I just told myself that the day I would be ready for my videos will be the day I would have matured in my creativity and I would have better songs with stronger meanings and greater quality in images. I would like to think that time is now.

Two songs will be on my VEVO which are songs that are available of iTunes. Stay tuned and thank you!



Do you get anxious or envious looking at certain instagram accounts?

PART ONE OF MY BIRTHDAY OUTFIT. The ladies wanted to see the shoe game…. leather laced up boots. Thigh high length which cost me no more than around GBP £60 in England 😉 leather jacket was GBP £70 in London with gold details. “Leather” bag with “gold” chain must have been GBP £30 in England too. My $5 US dollars shades some a small shop in Philadelphia and the cotton dress that must have been no more than £50 | I have a big wardrobe and some items are here since 2007!! I rarely if ever wear “big” name brands because I don’t particularly believe that you need to spend thousands to look great. It may not seem like it but I a pretty simple girl. Believe it or not many of my shoes come from “Primark” and small “back end” stores!!! I will say this though….. i have a frame that makes it easy to wear just about anything and I believe to have a little fashion sense in me so I can mix and match anything no matter how low the cost and make it look somehow decent/expensive. Just like many can wear A MILLION BRANDS all at once and make it look like the cheapest things because they weren’t able to pull it off. As for the all white outfit I wore in part TWO of my birthday? The top with white layers was $15 US dollas from a store in Philadelphia. The white jeans were from Primark in England. I dont remember the cost but they were no more than GBP £15-20. I had the same black bag and the same black shades. I bought my white and light pink heels in Switzerland. The shoes were CHF 50.- ☺☺🤗 voiiillaaaaa

New tab alert: Videos.

As we prepare to add more visuals to we made it easy for you all to check our videos, interviews and BTS so far on the site. Simply click on VIDEOS from a desktop. As for mobile devices, go to MENU and click VIDEOS.

To celebrate, we will show you candids of the singer visiting the studio she recorded several songs at in West London.

We also take this moment to direct you to Daniel Strong Entertainment‘s instagram at @danielstrongent and Tambu-christel’s one at @tambuchristel.

Thank you all from the team. More to come!!

If it all fails, I hope my existence helped one of you.

Good morning beautiful Strong Ones,

Life made it that as I grew older, my privacy became important to me. Many people in this world have this idea that I share too much not baring in mind that the things I share aren’t half of the half of that half of my life. Again, I won’t address those people. I will talk to the ones who love me for the exact same things many fuss about.
Unfortunely for me, I am one of the people who had a journey filled with pain and obstactles but I somehow managed to use these situations that happened in my life to help and give hope to those who considered giving up. I share a lot of information on a variety of things because someone somewhere needs that information. I am here for that person and/or these people.

The simple things in life will make you the happiest. This summer taught me so much about having the people you love around and allowing yourself to grow inside and out at your own pace. What I have learned about our dreams and/purpose is that we often chase the things that aren’t what we need. The things we chase that we believe are very important to us, are often things that we chase for the wrong reasons. All these tend to make us neglect the people and blessings we already have. I am not telling you to stop working for more but I am asking you to sit back and look around then take a minute to be greatful and thankful.

Life is everything but easy and because of that I write posts like Never loose yourself to me someone feel comfortableMentality: “Sticking with the devil you know best.”Your truth & personality will remain.Mental HealthV for Vulnerable.E for Ego.

I got as far I sharing up close and personal insight with you with posts like A letter to the past and Remembering Daniel Strong. and the lastest one Happy birthday to me.

I made religious references to make both believers and non-believers grasp fundamuntal ways of protecting ourselves from negativity with posts like Don’t engage in debates with apostates., Avoid bad associations.Protecting women and children.

Oh, and then you have the activist Tambu who tries to let the world see beyond what they believe they know by writing posts like Wake up!Do black women matter?, Delusion? Confusion? Or both?

If all my professional goals tarnish and vanish I hope that my time with you all online served and helped.

I am a musician. I love singing, writing and producing. I am also a designer and I love creating. I could list all the things I do all day but I am first of all human.

To the ones I care about. The ones who read me because they find hope and help, I care for you and you only. For those who love music, designs and art, I love you dearly.


Tam ❤

At peace with my sensuality or sexiness (informal).

Good morning dear Strong Ones,

Many of you may have noticed that I am very comfortable in my own skin. A lot of people don’t mind it as they should simply because it is my life, my body and I do what I please it with it. However, the world we live in has some people saying the same recycled sentences such as “She is a mother. What the hell is wrong with her.”, “Where is her husband? Does he find it normal?”, “What is wrong with this generation?!” and the list goes on.

I will not address any negative energy but I will say this. It is extremally important for women to know themselves and love themselves. Lacking such basic elements about ourselves can cause us to make mistakes we will never forgive ourselves for.

Our choices in friends has a lot to do with the things we have in common. The way we think. The mindset behind our decisions. The level of ambitions we may have. Values. Manners. Goals. All these are things we need to know ourselves first in order to establish if a person is good or bad for us.

Our choices in men/women. We won’t be able to be with the right person and offer the right things if we are in constent doubts with ourselves!! A lot of relationships are disfunctional because one saw the vulnerability in the other and took advantage of the person and a situation. Knowing yourself eliminates a lot of the bad choices we make in love or friendships by simple acknowledging where and when to fall back and go right back to what was the right track for us and stop gettinh side tracked by people who are lost souls with no guidance.

I love myself and I will display the love that I have for myself in many ways. Sometimes it will be through blog entries, posts about education, posts about self employment and music. As well as that, I do and will carry on sharing candid picture about myself if it is how I feel.

I do believe in having a balance and I wouldn’t like to cross that line where my fathet may want to hunt me down. However, yes, I love myself flaws and all.

Thanks to my internet Strong Ones for all the love always.


Tam ❤

12 August 2016 = 29 years old!

Happy birthday to me!!

My birthday weekend was awesome. I couldn’t have wished for a better birthday this year! It lasted three days!! I celebrated with my family then with friends!! I could say so much about it and how I feel but I am going to take you back for a second before we go forward. Here is the post I dedicated to myself prior to this day: Happy Birthday To Me

The words I used then are still how I feel now. I enjoied my time with my friends abd fam to live it up and make it unforgetable. Enjoy my birthday in pictured and videos below!!