Month: August 2016

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Thank you all so much for all that you do. Whether it is ‘following’ me on social media or supporting my blog posts or just talking about me to your peers about whatever it is you mention about me, thank you. The people who follow this website know that I

Do you get anxious or envious looking at certain instagram accounts?

PART ONE OF MY BIRTHDAY OUTFIT. The ladies wanted to see the shoe game…. leather laced up boots. Thigh high length which cost me no more than around GBP £60 in England 😉 leather jacket was GBP £70 in London with gold details. “Leather” bag with “gold” chain must have

New tab alert: Videos.

As we prepare to add more visuals to we made it easy for you all to check our videos, interviews and BTS so far on the site. Simply click on VIDEOS from a desktop. As for mobile devices, go to MENU and click VIDEOS. To celebrate, we will show

If it all fails, I hope my existence helped one of you.

Good morning beautiful Strong Ones, Life made it that as I grew older, my privacy became important to me. Many people in this world have this idea that I share too much not baring in mind that the things I share aren’t half of the half of that half of

At peace with my sensuality or sexiness (informal).

Good morning dear Strong Ones, Many of you may have noticed that I am very comfortable in my own skin. A lot of people don’t mind it as they should simply because it is my life, my body and I do what I please it with it. However, the world

12 August 2016 = 29 years old!

Happy birthday to me!! My birthday weekend was awesome. I couldn’t have wished for a better birthday this year! It lasted three days!! I celebrated with my family then with friends!! I could say so much about it and how I feel but I am going to take you back

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