VEVO: tambuchristelVEVO

Thank you all so much for all that you do. Whether it is ‘following’ me on social media or supporting my blog posts or just talking about me to your peers about whatever it is you mention about me, thank you.

The people who follow this website know that I was part of the group full of beautiful people who received the honour to attend a day at VEVO headquaters in London. Well, around that time my VEVO account was created and many people asked what the hell I was waiting for to put a video up!! The truth is I did shoot a video for a song of mine called “Light Your Candle” but the director and I didn’t have the same vision and disagreements kept adding on so the music video for this song never saw the light.

I believe in patience to an extent and the saying “What is for you, will be for you.” As well as ‘what isn’t for you, won’t be.”

With that said, although I lost a lot of money, I just told myself that the day I would be ready for my videos will be the day I would have matured in my creativity and I would have better songs with stronger meanings and greater quality in images. I would like to think that time is now.

Two songs will be on my VEVO which are songs that are available of iTunes. Stay tuned and thank you!



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