Daniel Strong Entertainment Limited: Recording.

Thank you all for everything that you all do. The most important thing and valuable aspect of it all to me is how patient you all are.

I am now writing to you because not only do I sing but I also love business and I am great in music business. I hope that through all that I do I will also inspire start ups.

Recording – the most expensive part of everything that we have done so far was recording, mixing and mastering. We have worked worldwide with beautiful people in beautiful recording studios. I, personally, recorded in London and other places in Europe. I have recorded music in America as well. All and all the cost of recording has been huge.

Many may argue that small studios can do as good as bigger ones. However, independent artists have the pressure to have “major” artists quality of work if we want to be taken seriously in the mainstream world. It’s like wanting to appear in VOGUE but not be VOGUE MAGAZINE ready. In that prospect, I give my music and my voice the best changes in sound so I can let the right people consider me for the upper scale work which ultimately means upper scale money.

You have to invest in yourself and your heart. Through your work shine your ambition and willigness to thrive in the level and field you want to playing with and recognized in.

I am ready. I am willing. I have spent. I shall get back times and times the investments I put in, in due time. I am patient.

I’d rather pay a little extra and be radio ready then pay basic sounds and wonder why I can’t compete with the market I want to be a part of. Quality over quantity for me for sure.

More to come!


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