Higher education: Business Studies & Psychology – IQ vs EQ.

​Good morning beautiful people,
This October 2016 is “Back to University month”. I love education and I wish you would study too because together we can create a better future with knowledge and professionalism. I’m obsessed with getting degrees because I love academic intelligence. I think that having a EQ is great but I don’t personally believe that this is all that one needs in order to progress in the world we live in. This is both personally and professionally. It is my oppinion though, you have no need to agree with me.

Before for we continue let me put here what is an IQ and an EQ below:

What’s the Difference Between IQ and EQ?

Let’s start by defining the two terms in order to understand what they mean and how they differ. IQ, or intelligence quotient, is a number derived from a standardized intelligence test. On the original IQ tests, scores were calculated by dividing the individual’s mental age by his or herchronological age and then multiplying that number by 100. So a child with a mental age of 15 and a chronological age of 10 would have an IQ of 150. Today, scores on most IQ tests are calculated by comparing the test taker’s score to the scores of other people in the same age group.

EQ, on the other hand, is a measure of a person’s level of emotional intelligence. This refers to a person’s ability to perceive, control, evaluate, and express emotions. Researchers such as John Mayer and Peter Salovey as well as writers like Daniel Goleman have helped shine a light onemotional intelligence, making it a hot topic in areas ranging from business management to education. 

So Which One Is More Important?

At one point in time, IQ was viewed as the primary determinant of success. People with high IQs were assumed to be destined for a life of accomplishment and achievement and researchers debated whether intelligence was the product of genes or the environment (the old nature versus nurture debate). However, some critics began to realize that not only was high intelligence no guarantee for success in life, it was also perhaps too narrow a concept to fully encompass the wide range of human abilities and knowledge.

IQ is still recognized as an important element of success, particularly when it comes to academic achievement. People with high IQs typically to do well in school, often earn more money, and tend to be healthier in general. But today experts recognize it is not the only determinate of life success. Instead, it is part of a complex array of influences that includes emotional intelligence among other things.

The concept of emotional intelligence has had a strong impact in a number of areas, including the business world. Many companies now mandate emotional intelligence training and utilize EQ tests as part of the hiring process. Research has found that individuals with strongleadership potential also tend to be more emotionally intelligent, suggesting that a high EQ is an important quality for business leaders and managers to have. (http://www.verywell.com)

  • “IQ alone is not enough; EQ also matters. In fact, psychologists generally agree that among the ingredients for success, IQ counts for roughly 10% (at best 25%); the rest depends on everything else—including EQ.” (Bressert, 2007)

I started my business studies in 2013 with a HND in business. I then carry on with my last year to get a BA (hons) in entrepreneurship to carry on in Leadership. In the mist of my love for education I discovered a degree for Psychology & Law and I fell in love with it. So I was introduced to it in 2015. I am now gearing to have a PhD in that subject and end my business studies at a Masters level. I’ve been studying for the past three years both. I will NOT go further with business studies once I get my masters because I believe that even a BA (hons) is enough to be honest. Actually HND in business is alright good because you have all the foundation you need to create and manage a small business. However, the competition ia high in the UK so specialising further give your great insights and advantages over another condidtate. 

As for Psychology, well look through my profiles on social media and website and it will make sense to you. I am fascinated by the things that affect our society and one day I will have more than a EQ to bring to the table in regards to certain subjects.

You can read everything about my posts regarding education here: Education w/ Tambu.

Thank you all for reading yet another post from me. Thank you!



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