Bu’ & Brand.

Bu’ & Brand is launching its first footwear collection handcrafted in Italy for fashion-like men and women named Bu’ Italy. The brand is available worldwide.

You can contact us anytime to get a hold of the first pairs being distributed!! Thank you all for your support! Email us anytime 📧 sales.bu@gmx.ch and submit your pictures wearing Bu’ & Brand so we can repost it or publish it in its official website!! All submitions shall be done through 🌍 bubrand.tumblr.com/submit

Please also take the time to follow us on instagram at @bubrand

A musician and activist?

Good morning Strong Ones,
You all know that I started everything out of passion for music. I sing and write. I produce and record.

You all know that my love for business grew to a level where I started and finished higher education in Business Studies.

You all know that I created companies. One in music due to the simple fact that I am a musician but also one in fashion because believe in or not, I design!

As much as I love all the things I have mentioned above, I believe that we shall pay attention and care to certain things in the world other than ourself so I want to mention a few things.

I am from a place that was once called Zaïre and I want you all to look at these videos and pay attention….

With love always,