Month: November 2016

My little sisters – I love you ❤

via Facebook. THIS MESSAGE IS FOR ALL THE “LITTLE GIRLS” WHO FOLLOW ME: Hey baby girl, My name is Tam and I am 29 years old. I look and act like a 16yrs old teen a lot though. Oh hell it’s life. You call me big sister and I love

A message for my sisters out there.

via Facebook. Black fathers gotta help black mothers to cope with everything a pregnancy is. Women are NOT cum buckets. Surrogates. Etc etc So instead of having abortions WOMEN SHOULD NOT SLEEP WITH NIGGAS/ FUCKBOYS THEY DO NOT INTEND TO MARRY!! PERIOD!! (many woman have it as ways of contraceptions

Feeling good in your own skin?

It is important to feel as though you know yourself. Self worth. Know how intelligent you are. Know how beautiful your spirit is. Value your ethnicity, culture and uniqueness. It took me a while to get there. I always loved myself even when I thought I doubted a part of

2017: A new peaceful place.

Good morning Strong Ones, 2016 was a challenging year but it still brought amazing new people and elements in my life. 2017 will be yet another year full of growth. I am excited to enter this new chapter in my life.  I have gone through incredible amounts of changes and

Words from Tambu-christel: “Baby daddies VS a Husband.”

Via Facebook. Many of us women have more worries over having #BabyDaddies than a #Husband let me tell you that having a GREAT HUSBAND is so much more valuable than having baby daddies. Do not “duhh” this comment because you probably have a baby daddy(ies) yet no husband yourself. Not

The growth of “Bu’ & Brand”.

Twitter & Facebook at @bubrandworld Instagram at @bubrand Thank you all for the amazing support you have show with Bu’ & Brand!  I would like to announce that its official website is up and running!! From an amazing new inventory to a pretty awesome gallery, please check now! Enjoy! Tam x

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