Domestic violence series with Tam.

Online now – Domestic Violence:

I will post videos in hope that my voice and experience save a woman each day. I want them to uplift mothers and know that what happened to them was NOT their fault at all!!

Be the best you can be for your children by LEAVING unhealthy situations and show them what a HEALTHY life is. You teach children by example right? Did you know that staying in abusive situations taught your kids that abuse is fine? Meaning that they will grow to either abuse or BE abused? How would it make you feel as a mother to know that you made them believe, through your actions, that tolerating abuse was okay? Children do listen to adults but they copy what they do more than what we tell them to do!

Don’t drink. Don’t smoke. Don’t have unmarital sex. Don’t mouth off. Don’t swear. Go to school. Work hard. Teach them with your actions not your words!!

I decided to advocate for women going through domestic violence because a system needs to denounced and people need to be held accountable. Women single or not. Mothers or not need to be heard. I will be posting more videos as we go.

Thank you all for the support on social media!! I’m sorry many of us made the wrong choices in life. These poor excuses for men are the rubbish shits, not you!! Not you ladies. Not… you!!

With love always,