Fighting for my life and giving back to women fighting for theirs, made me a Hero – according to my children.

via Instagram by Tambu-christel.

We dont just sit and brag about the things we have!! I have been donating my persomal “things” and encouraged my surrounding to do so for years. In addition to the monthly contributions from me to organizations of my choice… we don’t just “post” to brag or flash… we also share, give and LOVE!! 💯👌

I have been VERY fortunate to come accross organisations that helped me when my son Daniel died. Grieving your first child is horrid. Your own flesh that you give birth too and raise. I had to find ways to help other women like myself then and I do each year. //

I was surrounded with care, love and attention from my home country when I fell victim of domestic violence. I met the most beautiful women with yet the most horrible stories when all they did was to believe love, marriage and family was happiness and fullfilment although it’s work. So, each year I play my part and give back to my beautiful mamas out there. //

I have marched various protests. //

I have walked along other families and my children distributing flyers when a neighborhood child went missing. // 

When my children tell me that I am their hero it is NOT just because I am cool and young at heart. It is NOT just because although I lived some mess, I graduated from University. It is NOT just because I am all about creating new business. It is NOT just because I stay camera ready and glamourous. It is NOT just because I raised them as a single mum. //

I am their hero because I gave them AND showed them MORE than money can buy!!

Love Tam.💛💜💙💚❤

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