Month: March 2017

Bu’ & Brand is now live!

Dears readers and followers, Thank you all so much for your continued love and patience. Wait no longer because my foorwear brand Bu’ & Brand is now live on! Feel free to look through our catalog and I look forward to grow with you on this journey and see you

Sharing a few words for my daughter, Tara.

Good afternoon everybody, Being a mother is hard. It is so hard. I know that many feminist movements are determined to make “baby mamas” look cool and give the image that it is easy but that agenda is a lie so being a single mother is harder. Now, being a

When is the last time you told yourself that you are beautiful?

Discussion – When is the last time you told yourself that you are beautiful? I would like you all to tell me what beauty is to you and what makes you beautiful. “I am beautiful. I am beautiful because I care, love and give in abundance.” and you?

Music in my resumé.

via instagram @tambuchristel Thanks to ALL the companies that took the time to read AND reply to my CV (resume). My resume is impressive to many yet there aren’t enough accomplishments on it to me… ahhh… are we ever satisfied though? Human kind and greed 😏❤ my CV (resume) was

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