Music in my resumé.

via instagram @tambuchristel

Thanks to ALL the companies that took the time to read AND reply to my CV (resume).

My resume is impressive to many yet there aren’t enough accomplishments on it to me… ahhh… are we ever satisfied though? Human kind and greed 😏❤ my CV (resume) was three pages long yet I wondered if someone would actually contact me.

I AM STILL TAKING OFFERS IN SAID POSITIONS but i would like to say that @danielstrongent may enter in works with *soon to be disclosed* company in the future.

Yes, @bubrand is now live and available to the public.

Music business and fashion business will not take away from one another BOTH my passion and BOTH my babies ❤ 

Thank you for your amazing comments regarding my achievements with my degrees, my musical journey, my new found fashion path. Thanks to all the mothers out there who just appreciate me for the personal aspect of my life that can uplift women and anybody who can related to whatever I post at a particular time. Y’all know I care about social issues and the well being of our people, women and children. Thank you for allowing my energy in your lives. I thank you for trusting me with it. I promise to honour it. Thank you.

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