Sharing a few words for my daughter, Tara.

Good afternoon everybody,

Being a mother is hard. It is so hard. I know that many feminist movements are determined to make “baby mamas” look cool and give the image that it is easy but that agenda is a lie so being a single mother is harder. Now, being a single mother who happens to have a crazy baby father is even worst!

In addition to all this I happened to be a woman who works and studies so the challanges never stopped. Not to mention that I don’t have “just” one child but I have four. Yes, I still count Daniel because he is always on my mind and the things we have lived regarding his life and time with us will always stay with me. 

Today, I felt like writing the following words to Tara on a public platform because I think that mothers who are overwhelmed feel a sense of shame if they voice the fact that they are tired and exhausted. Something to do with always looking strong. Never show weakness. Y’all fail to understand that all this self inflincted oppression just damages your mental health.

I hope that this post can open a door for mothers to share that they don’t always have it together but they do try to and maybe if together we grow in a healthy direction… we can create organizations for mothers to meet and help one another in various areas of your lives.

Below are my princesses Tara, Tehya and Tianna.

Know that everything will be alright. Never be scared to seek help. I, for one, love you all readers.

Thank you for passing by as always ❤

via instagram @tambuchristel

My baby Tara,

There are so many mistakes I feel I shouldn’t do as a parent. I know that I am only human. I know that you probably see all the great things about me more than the times I doubt.

I pray that I become the mother you deserve. I do not have drugs and alcohol problems. I do not hit you and your sisters but I wish I gave you more.

I know that you all travel the world and own fancy things. I know that you all have a healthy family and loved ones around which helps you and your sisters develop in the best circumstances but I still feel like I should give you more.

Tara, you are the big sister and it gets overwhelming for you. It seems like you have to be so responsible but your shoulders shouldn’t bare any burden even though being the oldest has its natural challenges.

I try to balance life, work and you three. I try to give you all individual quality times and be care free but I still wish I could give you more.

You have witnessed my growth and shifts in frequancies and energy. I pray that only love and inspiration are what you took from them. I am sorry for the times I wondered if I failed.

Tara, without you I wouldn’t be. You’re the angel that was given to me after your brother left. I pray that you grow to love “love” and love people. I pray that you love life and never grow bitter. I love you with all that I am. I promise I’ll continue to give you the best than I am. True love 💖

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