Wealthier than most! 


“I would like to take a special minute to salute all the step parents out there, all the foster and adopting families out there. Anyone who takes care of children that aren’t biologically theirs like blood couldn’t bring them closer.

I have fostered children and I have taken care of children that weren’t mine too but I see so many other people doing just that as well everyday so I want you all to know y’all are special.

I would like to give a big shout out to everyone who gave love one more chance and hit the jackpot with a significant other that is greater than any man/woman you’ve know before!

❌ You didn’t settled. 

❌ You aren’t in a relationship you feel is less than you.

You were blessed to have EVERYTHING you wished for and more including for them to be EXCELLENT PARENTS to your kids. It doesn’t get any better than this. Money can’t buy this. You and your children are wealthier than most. You, my friend, have reached your highest and I hope that you’re thankful. I sure am.”

With love always,



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