The things we neglect in relationships.

Good morning Strong Ones,

There are a few things I would like to address today and I hope that they resonate with a few people.

1) Do you know how HEALTHY it is for your kids to see you, mums and dads, show affection to one another?
As parents we gotta show these kids affection. When parents show respect and love to each other, it gives them hope in THEMSELVES finding true love in their future. 

It gives them a guide for the things they should look for, self-esteem, worth and respect. 

They need to learn that they deserve to love and be loved with peace. They need to witness this through their parents at home (biological or not, fosters, adoptive) have long lasting LOVING unions. Healthy environment. Healthy companionships and surrounding. 

❌ Dysfunction starts by telling your kids that men/women aint shit. 

❌ That love either doesn’t exist or is overrated. 

❌ Calling men niggas and women bitches.

❌ These children are totally detached to emotions, feelings, affections.

❌ Young kids watching porn learn to FUCK “bitches”. Not to LOVE WOMEN.

✔ WHAT THEY NEED is to see their parents help each other do the Christmas tree up (i dont do pagan holidays but you get my drift)

✔ These kids need to catch a few PDAs and act stupid talking about “mum and dad kiisssseeed ewwwwww yall in looveeee”!!

✔ These kids need to accidentally see their parents silly dance or silly sing to each other in the living room while their were on their way to get a glass of milk in the kitchen late at night.

Y’all out here MURDERING these kids spirits and faith in the world. This goes for any parents including adoptive ones. Whoever raising kids, this is for y’all!

sigh….. just siiighhhh…..

2) “I would like to take a special minute to salute all the step parents out there, all the foster and adopting families out there. Anyone who takes care of children that aren’t biologically theirs like blood couldn’t bring them closer.

I have fostered children and I have taken care of children that weren’t mine too but I see so many other people doing just that as well everyday so I want you all to know y’all are special.

I would like to give a big shout out to everyone who gave love one more chance and hit the jackpot with a significant other that is greater than any man/woman you’ve know before!

❌ You didn’t settled. 

❌ You aren’t in a relationship you feel is less than you.

You were blessed to have EVERYTHING you wished for and more including for them to be EXCELLENT PARENTS to your kids. It doesn’t get any better than this. Money can’t buy this. You and your children are wealthier than most. You, my friend, have reached your highest and I hope that you’re thankful. I sure am.”

3) You have no idea how much joy cooking for my family brings me. I find myself trying new things and making up new recipes for my husband and children.

I love the look on my husband’s face when he comes home after a long day at work to a beautiful place. Home cleaned (the place is never dirty) and tidy. Smell of food either made or being made. The clothes cleaned, dried and ironed. 

To relax and watch TV with a peace of mind and a sense of serenity. Things like this gives me so much happiness – even though i be tired as shit doing alll aahh daaaatttt 😳 but it’s love and i appreciate my beautiful family 💖☺ 

It’s even more fun and beautiful when my little girls make cakes with me! I raised such amazing little girls and I am happy that they have such a beautiful role model and male figure in their lives to teach them how to appreciate and love a woman. I’m hopeful that they will grow to choose wisely when it comes to men in the future. 

Everything is about energy and environment. I am honored that my husband and I truly made this house a home. 😚🤗

I tell my husband I love him everyday. He tells me that he loves me everyday. I urge you all to tell your significant other that you love them because life is truly precious. 
I am thankful and grateful 🏆❤ because even when angry, our love prevails.

Go out there and live your best life 😏❤ you deserve it.

Thank you all for reading,

Tam x


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