Month: December 2017

6 Tactics narcissists will use to silence you by R.J.Wilson

Ladies and gentlemen, these are real. Always put your sanity first and learn when to let go of all the people, situations and envirements that are toxic! Love, Tam ❤ 6 Tactics narcissists will use to silence you. Are you the victim of a narcissist’s toxic manipulation? Check out some

Appreciating black love, mutual respect & true understanding of companionship.

TRUE LOVE – I tell my husband everyday how much of a great man he is BUT no matter what I do for him, I feel its not enough. He is so amazing. I’ve never known anything like this. To everybody seeing me cook everyday for him. Clean everyday for

Manhood & fatherhood vs Womanhood & child bearing/motherhood.

THOUGHT OF THE NIGHT – My husband always make sure we are warm and have appropriate clothes for this cold weather. I’ve never had a man that made such thing a priority. French men are providers too. Swiss men are hella responsible and life planners like no other BUT English

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