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6 Tactics narcissists will use to silence you by R.J.Wilson

Ladies and gentlemen, these are real. Always put your sanity first and learn when to let go of all the people, situations and envirements that are toxic! Love, Tam ❤ 6 Tactics narcissists will use to silence you. Are you the victim of a narcissist’s toxic manipulation? Check out some

Appreciating black love, mutual respect & true understanding of companionship.

TRUE LOVE – I tell my husband everyday how much of a great man he is BUT no matter what I do for him, I feel its not enough. He is so amazing. I’ve never known anything like this. To everybody seeing me cook everyday for him. Clean everyday for

Manhood & fatherhood vs Womanhood & child bearing/motherhood.

THOUGHT OF THE NIGHT – My husband always make sure we are warm and have appropriate clothes for this cold weather. I’ve never had a man that made such thing a priority. French men are providers too. Swiss men are hella responsible and life planners like no other BUT English

The things we neglect in relationships.

Good morning Strong Ones, There are a few things I would like to address today and I hope that they resonate with a few people. 1) Do you know how HEALTHY it is for your kids to see you, mums and dads, show affection to one another? As parents we gotta

Happy birthday to me August 12

Good morning Strong Ones, I am happy to finally write this post. I shared my thoughts on how amazingly in love I am but here are what you missed! Thank you all for passing by as usual. I am 30 years old! Thanks a million to my baby for making

Wealthier than most! 

REAL-RAP POST OF THE DAY: “I would like to take a special minute to salute all the step parents out there, all the foster and adopting families out there. Anyone who takes care of children that aren’t biologically theirs like blood couldn’t bring them closer. I have fostered children and

Important message: Motherhood. 

Parenthood: At the very least, be who you want them to be but wish them to be better than the best version of yourself they grew up admiring. It starts with you. – Tambu-christel 

Important message: Parenthood. 

“Parenthood: Be who you teach these kids to become. For, they won’t be who you tell them to be BUT who you show them you are.” – Tambu-christel

Beautiful within. 

 As if you were on fire from within….  The moon lives in the lining of your skin. Pablo Neruda Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart. Kahlil Gibran People are like stained-glass windows. They sparkle and shine when the sun is out, but when

Black girl magic from Congo & Switzerland. 

Good evening everyone,  It is new tattoo alert!! A lot of things have happened in my life lately and I decided to add some ink on me. I want it on my neck! I have a big tattoo on my back that isn’t done yet and it shall be over

Sharing a few words for my daughter, Tara.

Good afternoon everybody, Being a mother is hard. It is so hard. I know that many feminist movements are determined to make “baby mamas” look cool and give the image that it is easy but that agenda is a lie so being a single mother is harder. Now, being a

When is the last time you told yourself that you are beautiful?

Discussion – When is the last time you told yourself that you are beautiful? I would like you all to tell me what beauty is to you and what makes you beautiful. “I am beautiful. I am beautiful because I care, love and give in abundance.” and you?

Music in my resumé.

via instagram @tambuchristel Thanks to ALL the companies that took the time to read AND reply to my CV (resume). My resume is impressive to many yet there aren’t enough accomplishments on it to me… ahhh… are we ever satisfied though? Human kind and greed 😏❤ my CV (resume) was

Fighting for my life and giving back to women fighting for theirs, made me a Hero – according to my children.

via Instagram by Tambu-christel. We dont just sit and brag about the things we have!! I have been donating my persomal “things” and encouraged my surrounding to do so for years. In addition to the monthly contributions from me to organizations of my choice… we don’t just “post” to brag

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