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MESSAGE: “Girl, you are beautiful.”

via Facebook by Tambu-christel. Girl, you are beautiful. Not your face. Not your body but your soul.  The way you smile, the way you laugh and the way you are. Pure Gold and light. This!! I always tell people that I don’t like when anyone calls me beautiful because beauty

MESSAGE: “Men I previously dated were not ready for the things I was ready for.”

via Facebook by Tambu-christel. MESSAGE TO YOUNGER GIRLS FOLLOWING ME – I can honestly say that it came a time where I would entertain unhealthy situations with men and when things didn’t work out, I thought I was to blame. However, this is how I finally came to realise I

Men with “inflated egos”

Via facebook by Tambu-christel Children,  As I grow into my personal womanhood I see the mistakes I have done in the past and some I still do but try to break away from. Today we’re gonna touch #InflatedEgo in men. DISCLAIMER – I AM SHARING ALL THESE POSTS WITH YOU

Losing value of self due to unhealthy past situations.

via facebook by Tambu-christel Some of us women have lost the value of ourselves due to series of unhealthy relationships. Verbal abuse from our parents, family members, friends and overall people that mattered to us the most. You perhaps were bullied at school and/or by people (men and women) in your

INSPIRATIONAL STORIES: “My parents arranged a marriage for me.”

Via facebook from Jesicca Beavers in Autralia. **Please excuse her english. I will not auto-correct it as I want it to be authentic to what she wrote. Regards, Tam.” My family arranged marriage for me when I was 13with a guy he was 16 years old I never met him

Domestic violence series with Tam.

Online now – Domestic Violence: I will post videos in hope that my voice and experience save a woman each day. I want them to uplift mothers and know that what happened to them was NOT their fault at all!! Be the best you can be for your children

My little sisters – I love you ❤

via Facebook. THIS MESSAGE IS FOR ALL THE “LITTLE GIRLS” WHO FOLLOW ME: Hey baby girl, My name is Tam and I am 29 years old. I look and act like a 16yrs old teen a lot though. Oh hell it’s life. You call me big sister and I love

A message for my sisters out there.

via Facebook. Black fathers gotta help black mothers to cope with everything a pregnancy is. Women are NOT cum buckets. Surrogates. Etc etc So instead of having abortions WOMEN SHOULD NOT SLEEP WITH NIGGAS/ FUCKBOYS THEY DO NOT INTEND TO MARRY!! PERIOD!! (many woman have it as ways of contraceptions

Feeling good in your own skin?

It is important to feel as though you know yourself. Self worth. Know how intelligent you are. Know how beautiful your spirit is. Value your ethnicity, culture and uniqueness. It took me a while to get there. I always loved myself even when I thought I doubted a part of

2017: A new peaceful place.

Good morning Strong Ones, 2016 was a challenging year but it still brought amazing new people and elements in my life. 2017 will be yet another year full of growth. I am excited to enter this new chapter in my life.  I have gone through incredible amounts of changes and

Words from Tambu-christel: “Baby daddies VS a Husband.”

Via Facebook. Many of us women have more worries over having #BabyDaddies than a #Husband let me tell you that having a GREAT HUSBAND is so much more valuable than having baby daddies. Do not “duhh” this comment because you probably have a baby daddy(ies) yet no husband yourself. Not

A musician and activist?

Good morning Strong Ones, You all know that I started everything out of passion for music. I sing and write. I produce and record. You all know that my love for business grew to a level where I started and finished higher education in Business Studies. You all know that I

Sending love to Robin Ayers. Congratulations!

via instagram. This woman here!! @robinayers ❤ time flew by so quickly!! I can’t believe it was 2009/10 that I met you and it’s late 2016 now!! Thanks to @vocalcoachnorwood for being the reason your light came to meet mine. I know we haven’t truly spoken in a minute (my

Living in colours.

I love changing styles and this one is fun! I would like to point out the amazing job these “photoshop” like tools does!  Although I do love my new hair let’s take a minute to see the before and after pics and videos if myself with a natural look vs

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