Traveling to exhaustion but expending my horizon. 

Good day all my strong ones

I can’t express how thankful and grateful I am for the opportunity to travel as much as I do. I truly am. 

I feel like my parents gave that to me as they were both business people and traveled the world long before I came along. They would take me traveling with them when I arrived and that didn’t truly stopped. 

We don’t realize how much our environment impact the way we think, act and envision things from birth. People generally think that teenage years are the “shaper” of who we are to become but it start way before that.

I travel for business. I travel for family related affairs. I travel for tourism. I traveled for love. I traveled for celebrations. 

I am however coming to a point where my body is asking me to settle and calm down in the traveling. 

This post is to say thanks. I want to thank myself for the drive that never left my body since my son died. For, because of him Daniel Strong Entertainment was born. I would like to thank everybody who ever believed in me and gave me the opportunity I happened to have been a part of. Music business was such an amazing journey and I will forever take that part of my life with me. It was a life changer and I am forever thankful that my late son was able to bring such an amazing inspiration to me which I then passed on to so many people. 

I would like to thank every single academic establishments I attended. Studying business materials made me the business woman I am now. The discipline behind these courses and modules were truly gifts. Thanks to all my teachers. Thanks to the fellow students. Business management is not over for me. Not only will I continue to study it until I hold my PhD but this added bonus to my CV (resume) allowed me to add bonus to my career. I can now do business seminars and more as I mixed education, experiences and innovation to my material for all the people that attend my classes. Truly a gift.

Bu’ & Brand is the one to watch out for as it is my latest venture but I know that you already have check my beautiful line. Thank you for wearing them. 
A big shout out to my beautiful country of Switzerland for helping me build it and thank you to the beautiful creative country of Italy as without you I wouldn’t have had this line! Started close to 3years ago! 

Give all the thanks and be grateful y’all. I wish you all motivation and success in abundance. 
Thank you for continously supporting me. I can honestly say that I don’t think I’d be here without you all. 

Love truly, 


Bu’ & Brand is now live!

Dears readers and followers,

Thank you all so much for your continued love and patience. Wait no longer because my foorwear brand Bu’ & Brand is now live on!

Feel free to look through our catalog and I look forward to grow with you on this journey and see you all wear these dimes!

We are on social media at FB/bubrandworld and TW/bubrandworld and we are on Instagram at @bubrand.

Make sure to walk with a classic look yet a sophisticated touch. It’s a footwear brand handcrafted in Italy with genuine leather and calf suede for fashion-like individuals. So the quality will not fail you. We have put all our time, effort and focus on the quality on this beautiful venture.

With love always,

Tam x

Music in my resumé.

via instagram @tambuchristel

Thanks to ALL the companies that took the time to read AND reply to my CV (resume).

My resume is impressive to many yet there aren’t enough accomplishments on it to me… ahhh… are we ever satisfied though? Human kind and greed 😏❤ my CV (resume) was three pages long yet I wondered if someone would actually contact me.

I AM STILL TAKING OFFERS IN SAID POSITIONS but i would like to say that @danielstrongent may enter in works with *soon to be disclosed* company in the future.

Yes, @bubrand is now live and available to the public.

Music business and fashion business will not take away from one another BOTH my passion and BOTH my babies ❤ 

Thank you for your amazing comments regarding my achievements with my degrees, my musical journey, my new found fashion path. Thanks to all the mothers out there who just appreciate me for the personal aspect of my life that can uplift women and anybody who can related to whatever I post at a particular time. Y’all know I care about social issues and the well being of our people, women and children. Thank you for allowing my energy in your lives. I thank you for trusting me with it. I promise to honour it. Thank you.

Bu’ & Brand.

Bu’ & Brand is launching its first footwear collection handcrafted in Italy for fashion-like men and women named Bu’ Italy. The brand is available worldwide.

You can contact us anytime to get a hold of the first pairs being distributed!! Thank you all for your support! Email us anytime 📧 and submit your pictures wearing Bu’ & Brand so we can repost it or publish it in its official website!! All submitions shall be done through 🌍

Please also take the time to follow us on instagram at @bubrand