My ‘Brandy’ story – featuring Silent, Natasha Bedingfield, Emeli Sande and more.

First: The giveaway.

I did a giveaway when her latest album “Two Eleven” came out. All her fans wanted her to have the best sells on her first week that we all gathered buying crazy amounts of copies so we could welcome her back in the music industry the way we felt she should be celebrated as many feel that she is underrated and that the music industry has become some crazy place that doesn’t understand real music anymore…

Anyway, I took the opportunity to do a giveaway then however, i wanted it to be special so I asked @silentbx is he could get her to sign copies for me so we could give them away to random supporters hoping that people would appreciate it and be excited about taking part in the spirit of “Let’s get Brandy to that number one spot” in charts. Silent did the amazing and beyond when he agreed to ask her to sign 15 of my copies that I planned to give away and guess what? She did!!

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As you can imagine everybody was excited about the giveaway and I couldn’t believe she would help me make this happen!! The the nest thing you know Silent send me these through the post:






Then: The concert!

In September 2013 Brandy came to London for a concert and she hired Silent to work for her. Frank aka Silent does videos and pictures for celebrities so his job was to capture the moment to use in documentaries and other that Brandy may need in the future. IMG_20130924_113935Anyhow, when he told me he was coming to London i was so excited to finally have the time to hang out with him and show him around so he could enjoy being a tourist as he came all the way from New York. However, working for Brandy is a lot of work so he didn’t have time to play tourist 😦 so the little time we had was to catch up at the venue Brandy’s concert was. I was still in my class when myself and Silent were trying to communicate in terms of where to me and I wondered if I would make it because the journey from University to The O2 seemed to be a lifetime!

I did make it but I had no glam on whatsoever. I didn’t have the time to change or anything because I couldn’t go home then go to meet him it would have been too late. I was pregnant also and felt very tired already at the time so I have no energy to start running around so I just went to the venue to hang out for a little while then go home. My pregnancy was just too much.

I didn’t meet up with Frank to get a free pass for Bran at all plus it was late and I was very pregnant so truly I wanted to go home but Silent told me to wait for him and surprised me with a AAA (All Access Area) pass so I stayed and enjoyed the concert!! Little did i know that I would actually meet Brandy that night!!

Not only I met Brandy but she was with friends of hers backstage such as Natasha Bedingfield and Emeli Sande.



Many other public figures were in the building like the original Sugababes’ MKS, members of British girl band The Saturdays and more. What a night and Thank you again for everybody involved in making this an amazing night!

screenshot-by-nimbus (2) screenshot-by-nimbus (1)

Last but not least, as I true supporter I had to show off the following picture and say “Yes, I was there at that time too!”