My music video “Light Your Candle” behind the scenes in pictures.

Dear strong ones,

I have been up and down the country working and new music, live performances and videos will land on this website in the near future.

I had the pleasure to shoot my first music video last week which is my next single titled “Light Your Candle”.

The song will be available online later this week and the video will follow. For now enjoy the pictures below.

The day was…. It was…. Freeeeeezzziinnggg!!! I mean I’m grateful and all but not again!! These music videos require appreciate clothing to match the weather because deaarrrr lord I couldn’t feel any of my body parts!! Nonneeee!!
The video featured my husband and it was shot in Camden, London.

Stay tuned for the audio. Stay tuned for the video. I would like to say thank you again for checking my website religiously and keeping yourselves informed about my musical journey.

Last but not least let me share a couple of selfie I took once I’ve reached home that day!!

Your girl,

BTS: photo shoot in London

Dear readers, in all honesty, this must be my favorite photo shoot!! There are many photos from other shoots that I have done that can be seen in both Gallery and Photo shoot & BTS on this website. They are my favourit pictures because they are sinple yet beautiful to me and they are not photoshop’ed!! Don’t worry whenever someone will use them they will photoshop it lol lets wait and see how people manipulate these pictures πŸ˜‰ in the future. Those posted in the gallery though are not touch yet from this particular shoot.

Enjoy and I wish you all to have a blessed day πŸ™‚

Yours truly,