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ROTD with Daniel Strong Entertainment.

Record Of The Day also reports about the ‘The Fair Digital Deals Declaration’ and Daniel Strong Entertainment Limited sits pretty with XL Recordings as well as other music firms. Regards, Team.

IMPALA with Daniel Strong Entertainment.

Strong European Support for Fair Digital Deals for Artists as WIN launches Declaration Day Worldwide Declaration Signing Day – 16thJuly “The big print giveth and the small print taketh away. ” (Tom Waits) The Worldwide Independent Network (WIN), the organisation that represents the interests of the global independent music community,

VEVO: tambuchristelVEVO

Thank you all so much for all that you do. Whether it is ‘following’ me on social media or supporting my blog posts or just talking about me to your peers about whatever it is you mention about me, thank you. The people who follow this website know that I

Music industry Christmas event.

Christmas and new year eve are here. That time of the year that everybody take advantage of to celebrate until they lose all senses. I’m not that bad though and my faith doesn’t believe in Christmas celebrations. However, I was invited to an event from a music industry party so

A day out with KissFM.

Good morning dear strong ones!! I hope that you and yours are doing wonderfully. I forgot to post this post at the time of the event but I am doing so now. My daughter Tara and I had the pleasure to experience a magic time with KissFM in London. I

Christmas fashion show by the British Red Cross.

We all know what the British Red Cross is about. They have been one of the many organisations who try their best to help those in need all over the world. The fashion show was help in effort to raise money for the causes that British Red Cross are involved

Visiting Google/Youtube HQ.

Good morning Strong Ones, Thank you all for passing by. I am back and ready to work. Business as usual get ready!! *** more content coming shortly *** Regards, Tam ♥

Redcross Fashion Show ’15.

As you all know by now, the world is in such shape that its got everybody wondering when is the end coming. We all know about this organisation, what they do and what they stand for. This year, redcross’ fashion show was to raise money through auctions and donations to

Tambu in OMG! Magazine.

Good evening strong ones, Make sure you get your copy of this week’s OMG! Magazine !!! The magazine features a story I shared about Daniel, my son. You can turn sorrow into a blessing if you put your heart at it. You never recover from certain wounds. You’ll never truly

Tambu-christel’s interview with VENTS magazine.

Vents Magazine (page 90) Hi Tambu, welcome to VENTS! How have you been? I’ve been well and blessed. I feel very honoured told what I do, the way my team and I are doing it. I’m very grateful and happy. In what way did your days as an X

Press release: Tambu-christel performs new singles during live performance at Stags Head in London.

Click here to view: Tambu-christel performs new singles during live performance at Stags Head in London Soulful singer and songwriter Tambu-christel is back on the road with the premiere of her forthcoming album’s lead single, “Preach.” Currently in the studio finishing up her long-awaited album, Tambu took to the

BBC’s Children in need.

Dear strong ones, I hope that you all are blessed and well. I am writing to you today to share that I attended the children in need show and I wanted to express the way I feel about it. Of course, pictures shall follow 😉 I am a sucker for

Press release: Songstress Tambu-christel releases new soulful r&b single, “Preach”.

Click here to view: Songstress Tambu-christel releases new soulful r&b single, “Preach” Los Angeles, CA — Emerging singer and songwriter Tambu-christel has announced the release of her highly anticipated soulful r&b ballad titled, “Preach.” Released under the direction of her label, Daniel Strong Entertainment, the new single captures Tambu’s beautifully

Mobo Awards 2014 in SSE Wembley.

Hey Strong Ones, You all have seen me rise in so many levels and it gets better with time!! I am very happy to tell you all that I was a part of this year’s Mobo Awards which took place in Wembley. I took my family with me as usual

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