Mobo Awards 2014 in SSE Wembley.

Hey Strong Ones,

You all have seen me rise in so many levels and it gets better with time!! I am very happy to tell you all that I was a part of this year’s Mobo Awards which took place in Wembley.

I took my family with me as usual and we had an amazing executive suite at the Hilton’s Hotel. Thanks to the hilton and the mobos for making it happen. My husband and children settled in fine!! My daughters were so excited to get there they started packing their own suitcases!! We had an amazing time!! Big shout out to the Hilton Hotel in Wembley 😉

At that point, it was time for me to get ready for the show!! I pre-selected a few outfits I wanted to wear and then went with the flow. I’m happy with the final look and I’m thankful to everybody online who.commented during that night!!

The show started at 5.30pm for VIPs we have a red carpet moment followed by a reception among other things. It was a good opportunity to network and get to know the other people there. I’ve met beautiful people both established and up and coming and of course I was here for the drrriinnkkkss!!


The show was brilliant so many act that I was blown away by. They all sang and rap live. They were all so much better live than on radio!! I felt inspired and so grateful to be a part of it!! I’m truly thankful. But, it didn’t stop here!!!

The after party was also good. I didn’t stay until the end because I was starving and as my husband and children were staying with me at the hotel it was very convenient to come and go out of the party as it took place at the hilton’s ballroom. Again, I pictured the madness 😉

All this fun had to come to an end eventually so we returned home. I had an amazing time and my family and I enjoyed every single bit of it!! It is not over though as we have many more event to go to!!

I will finished this post by showing you my little girl!! Once we returned, the fireworks were all up the sky so we took a minute to look at them. She is at that age where everything is amazing and it’s so adorable to see!!


Thank you all so much for your daily views!! I’m so thankful for you all!! Make sure you follow us on instagram at @danielstrongent

Yours truly,

Wilson Luna’s ‘International Entrepreneur Intensive’ weekend.


wpid-wp-1404633899693.jpegEntrepreneur Intensive is aimed at entrepreneurs who are serious about business success. It is for business owners and entrepreneurs that want to build or grow their business and in the process change not only their lives, but also the lives of their families, employees and communities at large.

Our internationally acclaimed event Entrepreneur Intensive serves as a platform for entrepreneurs to experience business acceleration and mentoring first hand. It is hailed as “the most powerful two days of business training in the world.” Last year alone, Entrepreneur Intensive attracted over 30,000 start-ups and businesses globally because of its ability to deliver participants real, tangible and monetisable results.

It is two days of intensive business strategy designed to propel your idea or existing business to the next level. Whether you have an existing business, an idea or start-up, these two days represent a real opportunity to connect with a leading global business expert – Wilson Luna – and learn the techniques and strategies that resulted in him being a self-made multimillionaire by the age of 40.

Wilson Luna is an international business expert, best-selling author, and one of Australia’s most respected entrepreneurs. He has not only spent more than a decade providing strategic advice to some of Asia-Pac’s foremost CEOs, but also has founded and assisted in building many multimillion-dollar enterprises in the Asia-Pac region in the last 20 years.

Wilson’s personal experience and exclusive access to top CEOs has enabled him to distill some of the most powerful success strategies from some of the world’s most successful and prominent business leaders – strategies that have led to the development of his internationally acclaimed business mentorship programme.

“I have the unyielding belief that the only thing that will resolve the financial crises facing the world is entrepreneurs, as business is the life blood of any economy. That is why there is no better time than now, to support entrepreneurs and business people across the globe.” -Wilson Luna.


The intensive week end takes place the June 5 & 6 so technically i should be there right now for the second day but I have my assignments to finish so I couldn’t go today. I would like to say though that I enjoyed yesterday’s conference and that I’ve learnt a great deal of new things as usual. Let me start by showing your around the premise and tell you what I felt about the organization then we will go into what I have learnt during this seminar. I woke up at 6am on Saturday got ready and made my way to Earl’s court. The event was by invitation only so we had to be there by 8.45am in order to register our credentials with the organization which I did.

wpid-img_20140705_064825.jpg wpid-img_20140705_070454.jpg wpid-img_20140705_080118.jpg wpid-img_20140705_081021.jpg wpid-img_20140705_081106.jpg wpid-img_20140705_081140.jpg wpid-img_20140705_081343.jpgWhat I’ve learnt with Wilson yesterday:

  • Sales: you need to focus on your fan base and deliver products that you know they they like and perfect your quality and delivery in order for them to recommend other people to come to you. There is no better marketing than the word of mouth! Also, specialize yourself in the field you work in and target the people who would.
  • Monetizing and Targeting: understanding that what makes the money in your business is not your profession but the fact that you supply something that your customers need. For example, a doctor doesn’t sell his doctorate he sells his services as a doctor that you need to heal. Another example, a psychiatrist doesn’t sell psychiatry but they sell you a service that will make you feel better via therapy which is something you need. Now, by the time you are a psychiatrist for example specializing in a certain type of psychiatry will guarantee you work such has specializing in depression. Target the type of depression, age group and more then look at the type of organization these people would go to first that would get a referral from that place such as a GP for example and offer your services to that surgery practice. Introduce yourself and the services you offer and mention that their establishment have the type of client that your company specializes in then make them an offer such as the number of bonus or business you can offer them every time they refer a client to you. You follow? This way you will run a business that will always have clients due to the fact that you focused on a group that need your services in their lives and approach an organization that can provide you regular clients with the problems you are specialized in solving. Get it? Good.
  • The business hat: to be educated or talented does not bring you business. Many people that have no talent and no good products but they are currently sitting on multi-million pounds businesses. The business world is about giving the people what they want and if you are to do that they you have a business that will probably make you reach your financial objective.
  • Last but not least, speak your ambitions into existence. If your goal is to be successful (whatever the definition of success is to you) then act like you already are. If you wish to be rich then behave like you really mean it. You have absolutely no idea how far your behaviour and beliefs will take you!!

I could go on and on but as off yesterday, I decided to write an business book for entrepreneurs and believe it I know many people need it! So stay tuned for updates on this matter! Today is day two of Wilson’s intensive weekend and they will work on their renowned ‘Business Transformation Day’ i’m kind of mad that I am not there right now!!

Thank you for reading and talk to you soon,



wpid-img_20140705_131234.jpg wpid-dsc_0016.jpg wpid-img_20140705_125204.jpg wpid-img_20140705_115313.jpg

Initial description:

wpid-img_20140529_121701.jpg‘Entrepreneur Intensive’ is aimed at entrepreneurs who are serious about business success. Their internationally acclaimed event serves as a platform for entrepreneurs to experience business acceleration and mentoring first hand.

Now, I can’t express enough how proud I am to be able to be among these people!! I am truly blessed and yes, I had to show aaawwwff on Instagram!!

Thank you team Luna for our tickets and we will see you then!!

“Women In Music & Entertainment 2014” hosted by Alison Wenham featuring Tracy Thorn, Lesley Bleakly, Claire Horseman, Tara Richardson & Sophie Ellis-Bextor. With interviews by Miranda Sawyer & Krissi Murison!






Women in music & entertainment 2014 happened yesterday in Camden. A beautiful event hosted by Alison Wenham which myself and friend Shelly attended. We were greeted with drinks and had the opportunity to look around and take amazing pictures as usual.







Alison started the event by introducing herself and explained to us how the evening would go.


Next in the schedule were interviews of Tracy Thorn by Miranda Sawyer (writer and broadcaster) and Shopie Ellis-Bextor by Krissi Murison (associate editor for The Sunday Times Magazine)



The panel was formed of four senior women across the music business who discussed “The art of doing it all”. How they have juggled their career aspirations with other commitments such as motherhood and mastered the art of serial multitasking with the stereotype that if you aren’t a singer then you have no place working behind the scenes.
The panel was composed music industry power houses such as Alison Wenham (AIM’s chairman), Lesley (Director of catalogue & archive at Beggars. The company behind XL recordings, Rough Trade and 4AD), Claire Horseman (Managing director at CODA agency ltd) & Tara Richardson (Senior artist manager at Q Prime)



I spoke to them all and what I’ve learned from Tracey and Sophie and Lesley was that if I wanted to keep my sound and own my look then I would probably be better off as an independent artist. The fact that I’ve been compared to established songstress would probably make a major label try to transform me into these women and claim to have their own version of so and so. However, if I remained indie I’d be able to be myself. Whether I sound like a well known singer or not I’d still be me and I’d be able to keep my current music and its contents without reshaping them to fit whatever mold they would have for me. Also, other labels aside of mine have many artists which means they have a rota so I wouldn’t be able to release my album whenever I want. I’d have to wait my turn which could be years!!

Sophie left Universal because her new sound isn’t manufactured. This project is true to herself and her sound. It self funded. She went to UMG with it and they denied it for her so she left because she wanted this album to be hers and not mainstream manufactured. She loved the fact that I was doing my own thing. I’m thankful she gave us her insight.

Claire was puzzled as to why record labels wouldn’t approach me. I told her in all truth I personally believe that my lyrical contents are not mainstream friendly. My look is very laid back. I be killaannn’ these photo shoots but I’m just a mother of four talking about deep emotional life experiences in a non-filter way that makes many uncomfortable and very difficult to market, for a business.
I told Claire that I am very good at attracting fans though. People from all over the world look for me. They love how sincere I am and how rough I talking about real life issues. Especially because I’m a woman singing and not a rapper trying to discuss “ghetto” issues. I am a woman. A mother. A business person and great producer and songwriter. All these are the things that attract people to me. Then Lesley said that if I have the fans, the message, the direction I simply don’t need a record label. She shared that record label looks for ways to find “fans” for their artists so if I already have the hardest bit then I don’t need anything else.


Tracey and Sophie were also very encouring in that sense. They seems genuinely supportive.

Claire did point out that I need videos!! Which is absolutely true and Lesley said about releasing a few sings so people have something of mine to buy.

My co-producer and engineer did mention that it was now time to gig around and start doing shows. This is something that we all agreed on. Lesley told that I technically have everything I need plus a publishing deal and she believes I’m over thinking it. So, I’ll organize some shows and update you guys!!




Thank you all for reading yet another post of mine and I hope you enjoyed the read.

Below is some of the beauties of Camden 😉 enjoy and I hope you come back for the next post!!





Thank you guys for stopping by!! 🙂 🙂


Initial description:

Women In Music & Entertainment will give women (and men!) working in the music and entertainment business the opportunity to hear from some of the industry’s most successful and influential women, discussing how they made it to the top and the challenges they faced along the way.

The event will begin with opening remarks from Alison Wenham, who’s many years supporting the independent music industry recently earned her an OBE.

The first interview of the evening will see journalist and broadcaster Miranda Sawyerin conversation with Everything But the Girl vocalist Tracey Thorn.  Having released several solo albums and achieved Worldwide success as part of Everything But The Girl, Tracey released her autobiography ‘Bedsit Disco Queen: How I Grew Up and Tried to Be a Pop Star’ last year.

The second interview will see Krissi Murison, Associate Editor of The Sunday Times Magazine, in conversation with Sophie Ellis-Bextor, who this year topped the Independent Albums chart with 5th album ‘Wanderlust’.

The evening’s talks will conclude with a panel discussion entitled ‘The Art of Doing It All’ with panellists discussing how they have juggled their career aspirations with other commitments, and mastered the art of serial multitasking.  Panellists will include:

•    Claire Horseman, Managing Director – CODA Music Agency
•    Lesley Bleakley, Director of Catalogue & Archive – Beggars Group
•    Tara Richardson, Senior Artist Manager – Q Prime
•    Alison Wenham, Chairman and CEO – AIM (chair)

The event will finish with networking drinks, giving attendees the chance to make new contacts over complimentary drinks.

‘Richmond Business Expo 2014’ with us for Daniel Strong Ent.: My take on the event.



Today was ‘Richmond Business Expo’ day and as usual many elements were very relevant to me. I am in love with the things I do and I am grateful to be able to do these things on a weekly basics.
Let’s start this with my personal take on the venue and greetings in writing and pictures below.


The event took place in the Rugby Center in Twickenham, UK. We arrived about 30 minutes early so we saw people getting the place together and let me tell you this, I was happy I didn’t have to deal with preparing anything about but look pretty!



Once the place was ready, we were greeted in and were given our badges with an informational booklet telling us the program of the day.

We were presented with breakfast and they made it so we could take that opportunity to network. In all honesty I was looking forward to the actual expo because you walk around and get straight to the people who are relevant to your business and what you believe you need for your business. It’s fun. It’s exciting and you can relax and showcase your personality and ‘bond’ with people first hand and feel their energy. It helps you point out who you really want to work with. People you have good chemistry with.




The greeting followed by the first seminar of the day by Nigel Botterill 😉 at first I felt like I was hearing the same old arguments these seminars, conferences and other business events seem to have. However, this quickly changed.


It touched the following following subjects that grabbed my attention such as ‘hunger for success’ and ‘eliminate’ distraction.

Hunger for success
His personal experience was that he got himself in a financial position living a lavish lifestyle but ended up on a serious verge to loose it all. Many people that position remortgage their home and “downgrade” back to basics in hope that they can build back all the gold and glitter they once had. Well, he decided that he couldn’t loose it so he found a way to keep it by doing what he is now very successful at doing.

My take on this subject
Personally, I feel like his concept for refusing to be broke is great but I feel uncomfortable with the fact that it felt that it was more necessary to state that aside of saying something like ‘I couldn’t leave my wife and kids homeless and hungry’. Even though I am sure he had that in mind, it just bothered me that he mentioned about his fear of loosing their Ferraris instead of what I just mentioned. Once we passed that though I realized how women always mention their kids and how they do everything for their children.
I am not knocking Nigel’s perspective on things but that particular subject reminded me of my personal reasons to do what do as well as my motivations.

Eliminate distractions
Nigel basically ran that subject like no other!! His extremely valid point was that we can not be the best we can be for our businesses (or at a regular 9-5 job) if we are constantly interrupted by other situations that affects our ability to focus on what we are trying to make money which ultimately affect your pocket. Bad products equals nothing but close to no costumers! No customers is no money so how do we pay the bills?

Well, yeah exactly!!

So he went on talking about the fact that he hired a receptionist to answer his calls, a housekeeper to deal with his house as well as other help he felt he needed because at the end of the day if he is not well, healthy and focused on his job his family will not be able to get by the way they want to.

My take on this
I totally agree with it all!! However, what happens if you’re a stay home mum trying to juggle things in hope to make it? What if you are a single mother with no family members to help? What if you’re married but don’t have the means to hire that extra help to help you’re husband focus that little bit more?
The reality is that many people can’t afford all that. Yes, it is true that you can’t be thinking of being proactive if you have toddlers on your legs and newborns on your breasts trying to write emails and answering phone calls it’s just crazy. However, the reality is that the majority of people just can’t not afford all that. So you guys need to fund the balance that works for you.


Here is myself with Nigel and Shelly (A&R representative of Daniel Strong Entrainment Limited)

We spoke and I told him that I enjoyed his masterclass. He is very cool and I feel privileged I had the change to meet him. He also shared don’t you aren’t always good at everything and I should think of what to do first and once it’s done, process it and move to the next. He said that at a time he realized he couldn’t be a great dad, husband, business person at once (or something on that line) so he had to put his priorities in order then work towards making it all work in the end. It’s all about priorities, will and a whole lot of discipline!!
Basically, today was good but moving on we approached a charity stand and they asked me to sing for them which lead them to ask me to sing at one of their charity events!!


I am looking forward to this!! What follows is the rest of the business expo in pictures. Enjoy!







We also met beautiful people to do business with and we are excited and thankful to everybody who is willing to work with us on personal and professional level.



Thank you again for having us. I feel beyong happy, privileged and blessed. Thank you all so much for everything. Dear god I thank you and to my son, I love and miss you. I shall see you again soon 😦



Initial announcement:


I seriously love these expositions!! They are basically for networking and there are no better way to do so in terms of funding the services you need for your company in an atmosphere where everybody is there for one thing only, do business!!

I can’t wait for this one!! London expo was so good I hope this is just as brilliant!!

A night to remember: “Inspiring Entrepreneurs Going Global” sponsored by Barclay’s.

https default.aspx fid fljunk tid cmA7pTb3Th4xGlrNidZ18lzg2 fid flsearch srch 1 skws british 20library sdr 4 satt 0Description

With London 2012 and the Royal Baby, Brand Britain has never been so popular! Capitalise on this trend and take advantage of the massive opportunities in international markets.

Going Global brings together a panel of pioneering entrepreneurs who are flying the flag for Brand Britain and have successfully penetrated global markets. Come along and make the most of this unique chance to quiz our panel about how to capitalise on international demand for all things British.
To preview the event, we spoke to the British Library’s entrepreneur in residence, Stephen Fear, and asked him about how SMEs can take advantage of international trade. Read below:

The Government has recently announced an aim to double UK exports to one trillion pound this decade, and SMEs will play a big part in helping to reach that target. Barclays’ research highlights that small and medium-sized businesses are up for the challenge, and even newly created businesses recognise the benefit, and are looking to further increase their footprint overseas. We asked Stephen Fear, a businessman and philanthropist with over 40 years of international business experience, about how SMEs can take advantage of international trade.

Only one in five small businesses export and yet those where exporting is relevant are more likely to succeed long term. Why do you think that more SMEs aren’t exporting?

Stephen Fear: Start-ups and SMEs need to concentrate on securing their home market first. They need sound cashflow before they can properly explore export markets. SMEs usually have small management teams and exploring export markets is very time consuming. This puts many off trying.

What do you think are the perceived barriers to export and what do you feel the reality is?

SF: To successfully crack an export market you need focus. This is very difficult to achieve if management time is needed elsewhere. Language is another perceived barrier. Although many business people in places like Europe, China, and the Middle East speak good English the perception is that it’s difficult. My suggestion to SMEs wishing to export is firstly decide on one foreign market and concentrate all your export efforts on that. There are many translation apps now which make the job of business correspondence quite easy. Conversation is another matter.

Taking your business to new markets overseas can be quite daunting, how do you think SMEs can build confidence when approaching an export strategy?

SF: In a simple word, ‘research’. Knowledge builds confidence in everything, so do your research before and not after you start exporting. Visit the Business & Intellectual Property Centre  at The British Library and ask for help with this. All the staff are very knowledgeable, friendly and will be able to point you in the right direction. The BIPC is there to help SMEs & should not be overlooked. It’s both a national resource and a national treasure. There is over £5m-worth of mostly free research material available for growing businesses.

How do you think SMEs can begin to understand overseas opportunities and evaluate success?

SF: Spend time checking out online forums. Find out what others are doing and how they’re doing it. Read up on your target country. Write to the commercial departments of the Embassy of the country concerned and ask if they have any material they can send you. Are there any courses available? Check the web for info – the UKTI have a huge amount of free resources. Check the competition for your product or service. Is there a market and if there is who is the biggest player in your target country? Understand your market. Do your research.

Fluctuating currencies and language barriers are often cited as some of the bigger concerns around international trade, how can SMEs looking to export prepare themselves for these challenges?

SF: As I said previously, there are many apps available which will help reduce the language barrier, particularly for the written word. If you’re serious about exporting then learning the language will help you succeed. First port of call is talking to your bank about protecting against currency fluctuation. It’s an important aspect and needs to be fully understood.




It was nothing but a night to remember and again I’m grateful for it all. We arrived late but it was worth every minutes. I have attended a lot of seminars and in all honesty many of them are boring but this one was very informational and answered real factors that affects an entrepreneur’s life. From the risks and sacrifices we take/make in order to fulfill our dreams and many ways it can affect our families. The entire evening was bliss!!



While the event took place every attendee had a chance to enter a prize draw that I didn’t!! Haha!


This beautiful and very intimate conference that gave me life was then followed by a gathering. This is often when we get the chance to network and find new partners and other business related opportunities. Everybody came out to relax and unwind.







The evening was a true blessing and I’ve learnt a lot but as much as I was feeling all type of blessed god sent me more blessing to rejoice.

As we were enjoying the evening I had the amazing opportunity to meet Sia Sutherland!! Do not get me wrong being surrounded by people like Lord Billomoria, Mathew Rock and Will Butler-Adam is something to be extremely proud of but Sian gave out an energy that connected to me and I guess I will always have that special bond with a female entrepreneur who has children and has created a business out of that family aspect just like I did. She is an inspiration to women and mothers!!


Thank you ma’am you are a true inspiration!! I will order you products Mama Mio and Mio Skincare and try it!! I’m sure it’s lovely. Thank you for the discount and no more stretch marks and cellulite for me!


Thank you all for having us!! It was a true blessing! We are forever grateful!!

Talk to you soon dear reader!!


My ‘Brandy’ story – featuring Silent, Natasha Bedingfield, Emeli Sande and more.

First: The giveaway.

I did a giveaway when her latest album “Two Eleven” came out. All her fans wanted her to have the best sells on her first week that we all gathered buying crazy amounts of copies so we could welcome her back in the music industry the way we felt she should be celebrated as many feel that she is underrated and that the music industry has become some crazy place that doesn’t understand real music anymore…

Anyway, I took the opportunity to do a giveaway then however, i wanted it to be special so I asked @silentbx is he could get her to sign copies for me so we could give them away to random supporters hoping that people would appreciate it and be excited about taking part in the spirit of “Let’s get Brandy to that number one spot” in charts. Silent did the amazing and beyond when he agreed to ask her to sign 15 of my copies that I planned to give away and guess what? She did!!

News — Tambu christel Pembeleok

As you can imagine everybody was excited about the giveaway and I couldn’t believe she would help me make this happen!! The the nest thing you know Silent send me these through the post:






Then: The concert!

In September 2013 Brandy came to London for a concert and she hired Silent to work for her. Frank aka Silent does videos and pictures for celebrities so his job was to capture the moment to use in documentaries and other that Brandy may need in the future. IMG_20130924_113935Anyhow, when he told me he was coming to London i was so excited to finally have the time to hang out with him and show him around so he could enjoy being a tourist as he came all the way from New York. However, working for Brandy is a lot of work so he didn’t have time to play tourist 😦 so the little time we had was to catch up at the venue Brandy’s concert was. I was still in my class when myself and Silent were trying to communicate in terms of where to me and I wondered if I would make it because the journey from University to The O2 seemed to be a lifetime!

I did make it but I had no glam on whatsoever. I didn’t have the time to change or anything because I couldn’t go home then go to meet him it would have been too late. I was pregnant also and felt very tired already at the time so I have no energy to start running around so I just went to the venue to hang out for a little while then go home. My pregnancy was just too much.

I didn’t meet up with Frank to get a free pass for Bran at all plus it was late and I was very pregnant so truly I wanted to go home but Silent told me to wait for him and surprised me with a AAA (All Access Area) pass so I stayed and enjoyed the concert!! Little did i know that I would actually meet Brandy that night!!

Not only I met Brandy but she was with friends of hers backstage such as Natasha Bedingfield and Emeli Sande.



Many other public figures were in the building like the original Sugababes’ MKS, members of British girl band The Saturdays and more. What a night and Thank you again for everybody involved in making this an amazing night!

screenshot-by-nimbus (2) screenshot-by-nimbus (1)

Last but not least, as I true supporter I had to show off the following picture and say “Yes, I was there at that time too!”


Thank you Nicole Murphy – @nicole_murphy

Remember the days i couldn’t stop talking about Lisaraye Mccoy?! well I’m back at it with Nicole Murphy!! I didn’t know they had a show called “HOLLYWOOD EXES” and when i caught up on it and check out the show…it happen that the show is way better than all these fake ass reality TV shows out there!!

These women are real, honest, friendly and far from ratchet!! As a young woman who didn’t have a mum around as mines past away when i was 3years old, i always look up to GROWN mature women as a reminder of what kind of mother, wife i want to be!! I love these woman on the show, they hold each other down and help each other out and its SINCERE!!

Click this link to catch up with the Exes.

Diary — Tambu christel Pembele3


My ‘Michael Jackson’ memory.

Michael Jackson Mystery drink can

I was with my dad in Lausanne, Switzerland when I met Michael Jackson. He had a concert there when I was very young.

I didn’t really realize the opportunity my father gave me then so i didn’t take full advantage of it by taking pictures and all these “capture the moments” i do now. I mean meeting him? for real? but i remember that during the concert the crowed was CRAZY people were fainting and screaming their ass out i was like “Are they on crack?!”

Once the concert was finished though something stuck with me forever. He came to give me and my dad this energy drink :). Its taste stuck with me!! It’s a mix of feezy apple juice and red bull?! I know it may sound strange but it was lovely!!!!!! ALL GOLD EVERYTHING!! We lost such an amazing person. It’s a shame I didn’t realize then how lucky I was.

The drink picture was not taken by me but I have been wanting to share this story forever and seeing that drink again ALL these years later made me write about that special day and share it with you all 🙂

Last but not least, I will show you the picture i took of the latest house he had which is apparently the house he died in 😦 I did take these pictures though Los Angeles, CA enjoy:


Diary — Tambu christel Pembelepe

Blessed with more memories: Fresh prince of Bel-air.


No, I have NEVER met a Smith as yet but I had the opportunity to play tourist and see the actual house they used for the TV series of The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air!! Even though i couldn’t get in 😦 i felt like i became of part of that Fresh Prince history just by being there lol you know…when you can actually say “DAMN I’VE BEEN THERE!!”

Take a look at the picture i took from afar. Sorry bad quality but enjoy!!

Christina Aguilera’s past home.


This used to be Christina’s house!! I am posting about this one because while getting caught up on celebrities’ homes on youtube I saw this videos below and remember that I actually saw it!! and took pictures of it!! Beverly Hills,CA – The quality isn’t great because i took the picture with my phone at the time but enjoy!!

Memories 😉

RIP Amy Winehouse.

It was a bad day for many.

While people were debating whether to be sad about it or not her parents felt the unbearable. Amy Winehouse left on July 23, 2011 and I cried. She was very talented and I think she was so misunderstood by many. Her voice was unique and her music came from her heart. I don’t know how to express myself on this without being emotional so I will share the pictures below.

If her family ever see this post then I’d love them to know that I am extremely sorry for their loss and I love their daughter’s artistry.

Diary — Tambu christel Pembele2

Brandy’s bday on Kempire radio

So my man @silentbx (twitter) posted a link on Facebook saying that a Brandy‘s birthday celebration was going down at Kempire Radio and that we should tune in so i did. I went and check out the link and the vibe was crazy Brandy was talking to the host and expressing her love (friendship) for @silentbx and it was sincere and touching and while she was talking to him I decided to call in and wish her a very happy birthday too but when I called every singers who wished her a happy birthday too sang for her and they were showing off their vocals as though she was a talent scout and I was like: ‘errmmm am I meant to sing too?!’

The radio station has mad love for her and it felt so good to be a part of that. All the supporters calling for her and we all shared our love for her music and said why her music meant so much to us etc…we all came here for the love we have for her and it was beautiful.

I finally called and shared that her dad is my vocal coach so it was only natural i took part. Check it out below and also make sure you check Silent‘s website at :