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Mobo Awards 2014 in SSE Wembley.

Hey Strong Ones, You all have seen me rise in so many levels and it gets better with time!! I am very happy to tell you all that I was a part of this year’s Mobo Awards which took place in Wembley. I took my family with me as usual

Wilson Luna’s ‘International Entrepreneur Intensive’ weekend.

Entrepreneur Intensive is aimed at entrepreneurs who are serious about business success. It is for business owners and entrepreneurs that want to build or grow their business and in the process change not only their lives, but also the lives of their families, employees and communities at large. Our internationally acclaimed

“Women In Music & Entertainment 2014” hosted by Alison Wenham featuring Tracy Thorn, Lesley Bleakly, Claire Horseman, Tara Richardson & Sophie Ellis-Bextor. With interviews by Miranda Sawyer & Krissi Murison!

Women in music & entertainment 2014 happened yesterday in Camden. A beautiful event hosted by Alison Wenham which myself and friend Shelly attended. We were greeted with drinks and had the opportunity to look around and take amazing pictures as usual. Alison started the event by introducing herself and explained

‘Richmond Business Expo 2014’ with us for Daniel Strong Ent.: My take on the event.

  Today was ‘Richmond Business Expo’ day and as usual many elements were very relevant to me. I am in love with the things I do and I am grateful to be able to do these things on a weekly basics. Let’s start this with my personal take on the

A night to remember: “Inspiring Entrepreneurs Going Global” sponsored by Barclay’s.

Description With London 2012 and the Royal Baby, Brand Britain has never been so popular! Capitalise on this trend and take advantage of the massive opportunities in international markets. Going Global brings together a panel of pioneering entrepreneurs who are flying the flag for Brand Britain and have successfully penetrated

No big deal!! Just my pregnant self and Natasha Bedingfield!! – @natashabdnfield

My ‘Brandy’ story – featuring Silent, Natasha Bedingfield, Emeli Sande and more.

First: The giveaway. I did a giveaway when her latest album “Two Eleven” came out. All her fans wanted her to have the best sells on her first week that we all gathered buying crazy amounts of copies so we could welcome her back in the music industry the way

Thank you Nicole Murphy – @nicole_murphy

Remember the days i couldn’t stop talking about Lisaraye Mccoy?! well I’m back at it with Nicole Murphy!! I didn’t know they had a show called “HOLLYWOOD EXES” and when i caught up on it and check out the show…it happen that the show is way better than all these fake ass reality TV

My ‘Michael Jackson’ memory.

I was with my dad in Lausanne, Switzerland when I met Michael Jackson. He had a concert there when I was very young. I didn’t really realize the opportunity my father gave me then so i didn’t take full advantage of it by taking pictures and all these “capture the moments” i do

Blessed with more memories: Fresh prince of Bel-air.

No, I have NEVER met a Smith as yet but I had the opportunity to play tourist and see the actual house they used for the TV series of The Fresh Prince Of Bel Air!! Even though i couldn’t get in 😦 i felt like i became of part of that Fresh Prince history just

Christina Aguilera’s past home.

This used to be Christina’s house!! I am posting about this one because while getting caught up on celebrities’ homes on youtube I saw this videos below and remember that I actually saw it!! and took pictures of it!! Beverly Hills,CA – The quality isn’t great because i took the picture

Boris Johnson in Croydon: Riot

Guess who I met back in London, Mr. Boris Johnson!! London was going trough a tough time so i guess he came out to…..fix it?!

RIP Amy Winehouse.

It was a bad day for many. While people were debating whether to be sad about it or not her parents felt the unbearable. Amy Winehouse left on July 23, 2011 and I cried. She was very talented and I think she was so misunderstood by many. Her voice was unique

Brandy’s bday on Kempire radio

So my man @silentbx (twitter) posted a link on Facebook saying that a Brandy‘s birthday celebration was going down at Kempire Radio and that we should tune in so i did. I went and check out the link and the vibe was crazy Brandy was talking to the host and expressing her love (friendship) for @silentbx and it

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